Fitness Tips: How to Effectively Exercise from Home

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While some people are incredibly motivated by seeing other people work out alongside them, exercising at the gym is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Some of us prefer to sweat, grunt, and push our bodies in the comfort of our own homes. It doesn’t mean that we are lazy, but that we like our privacy. Moreover, even if you do make full use of your gym membership, sometimes it may be more convenient to have a quick workout from home.

With that being said, here are 5 simple fitness tips that will help bring the gym to you:

1.     Create your space.

You will definitely need adequate space so that you can work out comfortably without any hassles. So the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a five-foot by five-foot space (nothing less).

Also, purchase a good quality exercise mat so that you have a soft surface for when you need to lie down.

2.     Make use of everything!

This includes stairs, walls, chairs and even your laundry basket and broom! There are great core and muscle building exercises that utilize this equipment that you probably have in your house.

For example, you can:

  • Walk up and down the stairs numerous times

  • Hold a broom with both hands and balance it horizontally while doing squats

  • Press against a wall and do squats (using wall as support)

3.     Key equipment

With that being said, you will need some actual exercising equipment like a medicine ball, dumbbells, and a means of constant cardio (preferably a machine or something you can constantly keep doing). If you want, you can also purchase a resistance band.

4.     Familiarize yourself with the basics

Because you will mostly be working out from home, you will need to know the basic resistant and core exercises. At this point, you are your own trainer and so perfecting these moves on your own is crucial. Some of these steps include:

·   Sit ups

·   Push ups

·   Squats

·   Crunches

·   Planks

·   Donkey kicks

·   Mountain climbers

·   Burpees

·   Lunges

·   Step ups

·   Arm circles

These are just a few basic exercises you should know, but each of them has sub-categories. There are various types of squats, planks, and lunges to choose from that target specific areas in your body. For a more detailed breakdown of these exercises and more moves to practice, check out this article by Greatist.

5.     Lean mean machines

You don’t necessarily need a cardio machine to successfully do cardio, but having one will make you more likely to not skip the cardio part of your workout. The thing is, is that running outdoors is not for everybody, exercise videos can end up feeling monotonous and biking or swimming may inconvenience your busy lifestyle.

However, investing in a treadmill, stationary bike, stair master or cross trainer may give you the motivation you need. Knowing and seeing the actual machine in your house every day, will make you more likely to actually use it. Like what could possibly be your excuse now?!?

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Just do it

The biggest hurdle to exercising or doing anything else that matters is simply starting. So don’t overthink it. You don’t have to have all your exercise equipment in place and know all the workout routines to begin to exercise. Instead, you need to be determined, realistic and hold yourself accountable.

So tomorrow morning, wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual, get your headphones and start slowly jogging up and down the stairs, or go for a walk around your house. Like a Nike sports shoe, “Just Do It!”

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