5 Life Hacks to Enjoying Exercising

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Many times we’ve psyched up ourselves to get fit. We went to the lengths of shopping for some awesome sneakers, gyming gears, outfits and further even downloaded a work out app; but eventually failed to stick to the workout routine.

Working out requires a lot of dedication and patience. Results don’t come in a week or 2, it takes time to get the desired shape you wish to achieve. It also requires commitment to the workout schedule, whether it’s two hours for 3 days a week or an hour for 4 days a week.

With that being said let’s take a look of some ways of we can help you enjoy your work out sessions.

1)      Set Goals to Accomplish

And be realistic about them, this way you are not pushing your body beyond its limits. Have an instructor to guide you as per some of the goals you’d like to achieve versus the amount of time it would take, this way you get professional insight on what is workable and what isn’t.

2)      Get a Gym Buddy

If you’ve been to the gym before, you know all too well that working out by yourself is quite lonely and makes the process  harder. If you have a buddy that shares similar gym goals, let them be your workout partner. That way you have someone to constantly motivate you to stick to your routine and  also share some light moments while working out.

3)      Carry Your Favorite Playlist

Music is medicine to the soul, it puts you right at the center of what you feel and makes it twice as better. While you are running on the treadmill or doing some crunches, it gives you some sort of energy to keep on pushing till you finish your set of workout.

4)      Experiment Different Challenges

Don’t get stuck doing the same routine all the time! This will definitely kill your enthusiasm to go on as it will gradually get boring. Challenge yourself to do more once your body fully adjusts to your work out sessions. This way every session will be exciting as you’ll always be trying something new that’s within your body end goals.

5)      Record and Reward Yourself for Achievements

Take pride in the small accomplishments through you workout journey. Reward yourself for relentlessly sticking to your routine and  the progress made as the weeks pass by. By rewarding we don’t mean go out and have some large fries and burgers, no! You can go on a shopping spree, enjoy a spa date or schedule a manicure appointment. Essentially something that will not be a step back to  your workout results at that point.

Get ready to gym up and have tons of fun while at it! You can get the perfect workout gear here to start you off..

Mercy Gitau
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