8 Fashionable Tanzanians Right Now

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Fashionable Tanzanians

Which Tanzanian do you consider most fashionable? While this might be based on personal perception, there are fashionistas in Tanzania whose style is to be unanimously acclaimed.  These Tanzanians make looking fashionable seem easy. You probably follow them on their social media pages for fashion inspiration or have seen them turning heads in town. Here are some fashionable people in Tanzania. Find out why they made it to our list.


Anna also known as Lavidoz Style

Anna’s fashion sense can be described as bold and sassy. She switches from formal dress to rugged jeans effortlessly, and each outfit complements her personality. As a student of Law, she confesses fashion is just a part-time hobby for her. But having gathered over 28,000 followers on Instagram alone, it is almost clear where her career is headed.  A proud owner of Lavidoz Style fashion house, Anna loves to give fashion tips at each chance she gets.

Andru Julian Mahiga

A social entrepreneur by day and a full-time fashionista, Andru Mahiga is, without a doubt, a master of mixing and matching. Whether he shows up in a suit or steps out in African prints, Andrew knows how to compliment his persona with his dress code. His fashion sense is a blend between formal and casual, or semi-casual when he feels like it. He has an eye for detail and is a sucker for slim fit garments. And you will never miss him in sunglasses, which, to be honest, give him a bold, macho look.


Jacqueline Terry


She is beautiful, curvy, and isn’t afraid of experimenting with new and old fashion trends. Jacqueline goes by the pseudo Lehautestyle on Instagram or, as she describes herself, Jackie of all trades. Her fashion sense is as versatile as her career. Whether she is blogging, designing websites and logos, creative directing a magazine or being a full-time digital influencer, Jackie does not miss a chance to show up in style. She has a knack of styling the basic and simple into something trendy and classy. She challenges the norm by pairing an evening dress with sneakers or lets go of a stylish weave to rock a natural bald look.  

Sheria Ngowi

Sheria Ngowi has made a brand out of his name by wearing and marketing bespoke suits. He wears his brand in style, mixing and matching different fabrics to achieve something fresh and different for his audience. If he is not gracing an event in a full formal jacket, Sheria will be in dressed down in a casual jacket, slim-fit trousers, dress shoes, and a bow-tie. Bottom line is, it is not that easy to spot Sheria Ngowi not donning a suit.

Millen Magese

Millen Magese is a social entrepreneur, ambassador for women, girl-child empowerment; and a crusader for social awareness on the dangers of endometriosis in women. One would expect Millen to be fully occupied in her work, but her Instagram begs to differ. Scroll through her profile and you cannot help but drool at the elegant dresses and bodysuits that leave many turning heads. Millen will look good in anything, even a gold plaid maternity dress paired with Gucci sneakers.

Rio Paul

When he is not styling the likes of Idris Sultan, he is definitely getting people talking about his fashion sense. Rio Paul experiments a lot between casual and formal, whilst throwing in a hint of hipster. He is not afraid of pairing suits and sneakers to any formal event. And when he really wants to make a fashion statement, he will add a floral print shirt to a formal suit and pair that with some stylish loafers. By the way, it’s always no socks or ties with Rio Paul.

Kiki Zimba

Kiki Zimba shows us how versatile a kitenge/Ankara print can be. She extends her personality through her fashion brand, Kiki’s Fashion. It is a stylish brand that caters to ladies. If you are a sucker for long dresses, evening gowns, or short skirts, you will probably find something new with Kiki. What makes Kiki’s fashion sense unique is her ability to incorporate Ankara in whatever occasion, from corporate, vitenge looks, to casual. What’s more, Kiki’s Fashion is big on using African prints on all their garments. Her Instagram page and blog speak for themselves.

Pedaiah S.  John

Pedaiah John is another male fashionista who styles up in bespoke suits. In fact, his brand could be among the largest in Tanzania that styles men for formal or casual occasions. His Instagram page speaks for itself, showcasing the everyday man in a trendy, silky suit paired up with brogues, wingtips, loafers, or Chelsea boots. A highlight of his style has to be the custom-made cufflinks shirts whose sleeves present a lot of detail.

Who else do you think needs to be on the list?Also, want to get trendy and fashionable like them, Shop here.

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