Weird Fashion Hacks For Lazy Girls

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Fashion Hacks

Very often we might go through different kinds of hassles while dressing up especially to the ladies.  It can either be a vintage dress with an odour stain or you have that painful pair of high heels. Or maybe sooner or later we are bound to encounter a fashion problem in our closets. To make our life easier( hopefully yours too) here are some approximately two minutes lazy fashion hacks to save your fashion problems.


Keeping  A Loose Zipper Up

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Your favourite pants or a pair of jeans has a lazy zipper, it keeps falling down. People might think you might unconcernedly have forgotten to zip your pants. Well you don’t need to spend your money on the tailor to just fix the zipper, here is what you can do:

1: Stick a small key ringer to the zipper

2: Put your pants on and then zip up the lazy zipper, then loop up the ring around the button.

3: Fasten the button while tucking away the ring.


Unstick Zippers

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Zips get stuck all the time, might be from your dress, or your jeans. That doesn’t mean you have to throw it away or go to the tailor and get you a new zip. You can easily do it yourself. What you can do to free up your zipper is rub vaseline on the zipper’s teeth and it will work again in no time.



Keep Your Necklaces Untangled

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Untangling your necklaces can be quite a struggle especially when you are travelling. If you can do this simple fashion hack you wouldn’t need to waste your time to untangle your necklace. You will need a plastic drinking straw, release the chain on your necklace, thread it through the straw, and Reclast it. By cutting it you can adjust the length of the straw.


Hide Your Bra Strap With A Paperclip

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Maybe you just bought an open shoulder dress, but you are missing a strapless bra. Well, no need to run to the store and get yourself a strapless bra. Take a paperclip, enter one strap into one end of it and the second one on the other side. With this simple tip, you have hidden your bra straps.


Never Get A Blister Again

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Getting new shoes is a great feeling, but getting blisters isn’t the best part of getting new shoes. Thankfully there is the best style hack that will help you avoid the blisters. All you have to do is to simply rub clear gel deodorant over the area, let it dry, and slip on your shoes. The deodorant will help provide an invisible fence between your skin and the shoe and provides a very light lubrication to avoid friction, it way better than blisters on your toes.


Avoid Runs on Your Tights

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One of the most annoying things is to get runs on your tights, and all you could think of is throwing your tights away. Well here is how you can save your tights: you will need a hairspray to spray on your tights before you put them on.


Maintain Your Denim

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One way of preserving your denim color is to skip detergent, instead soak it with cold water with one cup of distilled vinegar. Then Let it out to air dry. Vinegar helps to maintain your jean’s and the smell will evaporate while the jeans dry.


Elizabeth Nyimbo