Farm Tools You Need To Start An Agribusiness

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Farm Tools


Starting a business has its ups and downs, especially one like farming.  There is a lot to consider; like land and farming equipment which is often expensive. Investing in strong, durable farm tools should be a top priority for anyone willing to become a farmer. Here is a comprehensive list of farming activities and the ideal tools for each venture.

Seeding and Planting

Farm Tools

The type of seeding and planting tools you buy depends on the type of crop you intend to farm. There are farming tools used for performing specific tasks while others have multiple applications. It is advisable to start off with the basic tools you will need immediately like…, then graduate to the complex, more expensive ones like …

You will need tools to prep the seeds whether it’s in the nursery or directly on your farm. Additional tools will be required to cater to your seeds through the germination process, especially during weeding or pruning. Then you need equipment for harvesting and storing your produce when it is ready.

As an agribusiness entrepreneur, you need farm tools like bulb planters, spacing rules, transplanters, trowels, soil cultivators (jembes, mattocks, fork jembes), and compost scoops. You will also require planting pots, pot tampers, potting sieves, seed dibbers, thermometers, and seed storage containers. Planting labels can be necessary if you are practising mixed farming. Gardening kneelers and kneeling pads may also come in handy when tending to your garden.

Livestock Keeping

Farm Tools

Livestock rearing is quite involving compared to plant farming. Plants only require attention at certain stages from planting to when you harvesting. For livestock, however, your presence is needed on a 24-hour basis, if you are to get the best out of them.

You will need tools to check the health of your goats, sheep, or cattle. This includes tools like thermometers, syringes, disease testing tools, bloat trocars, and burdizzos. You also need hoof trimming tools like trimming knives and pincers. Branding tools are also important, to mark all your livestock for identification purposes.

If you are keeping large numbers of livestock, you will require a vehicle to move them around. A farming tractor with a trailer will suffice even when you want to transport the livestock.

Poultry Farming

Farm Tools

Fortunately, you do not require expensive farming tools to start out in poultry farming. Again, the number of poultry farming equipment you need depends on the number of birds you intend to rear.

Some of the farm tools you will need include feeders, water pots or drinkers, brooders, incubators, and a ‘chick box.’ Other poultry equipment that may come in handy include a ventilation fan, fly trays, and incubator controllers. You will need egg trays to harvest the eggs and egg washers to clean eggs before packing.


Farm Tools

Harvesting is a pretty tasking process that can be made easier with advanced tools. However, in the initial stages of agribusiness, it is okay to invest in cheaper farm tools. Tools like pruning shears secateurs, cutting hooks, pruning saws, harvest containers, woven sacks, diggers and, snippers, slicers, crop pickers and so on. In addition, you need handcarts or ox-carts to move the produce from the farm to your storage location. A farm tractor comes in handy when you want to transport your produce to the market. After the harvest, you will need to prepare the land. Fortunately, tools like rakes, hoes, or Mattocks are versatile enough to work as harvest tools.


Farm Tools

Water is a crucial item to consider while farming. When starting an agribusiness you need to use tools that will ease your irrigation process while farming. As a good farmer, tools that need to be considered include water pumps, hose systems, and dripping water systems, among others. Irrigation tools that are crucial include those that help with watering the farming plots, soil sensors and water flow systems. The tools that help with watering make it less laborious to carry water to and from one plot to another. Soil sensors help detect the amount of water necessary to keep plants watered adequately. Water flow systems help tell how much water is used and can manage water efficiently.

Start Your Agri-business By Doing It Right

Now that you know what to buy to kick start your agri-business, how about starting your business today.

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