The Cheat Sheet To Easter Entertaining

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A fun filled holiday weekend is one shared with crazy friends and family. People loosen up, forget their day to day troubles and look forward to making a lifetime of memories. So, are you hosting a few  family members or your cool circle of friends this Easter and stressing over how to entertain them? Not to worry, we have the best weekend plan to put you at the top of the chart of good hosts.

With that being said, let’s roll over to some must haves to make this hangout epic.


As some guests might attend the party with their kids, it’s in order to prepare some snacks to serve as a starter. Think  crisps, biscuits, cookies and groundnuts. Make sure the snacks are not going to be heavy such that the guests are too full to enjoy the meal that you’ve sweat blood and tears to prepare.


Keep in mind that a section of your guests will be kids, ensure that this special group is catered to in terms of entertainment. If you have enough space in your backyard, consider hiring some outdoor equipment for the kids. Get a bouncing castle, trampoline, face painting tools, balloon pumps or even a clown to keep the kids fully entertained.

For the adults, board games, poker cards and  playstation games like fifa and NFS would do just fine. The games can as well come in handy during the drink up session.


Not just food, but good food. This is the perfect time to have a buffet cook out and get out of the comfort of simple recipes. Go big with the meal, have chicken cooked in different styles, try out local delicacies like nyama choma, pilau, some chinese or vegetable rice, spiced vegetables for the vegetarians, mshikaki and so much more.  Make it impossible for your guests to dislike the meal because it is finger licking good! See our easter recipe guide.


A good hangout is one where guests can be themselves and a little bit of wine or whisky will be sure to do the trick. Get enough bottles for different brands to have everyone covered with what they like. If you are a cocktail specialist, great! Make cocktails and let people take them before having the meal to help them unwind early into the hangout :-). Don’t forget to cater to non-alcoholics. You can have them sorted with some juice, soda or alcohol free cocktails/mocktails.


Lastly, keep your guests entertained with a good music playlist or alternatively funny videos. Keeping your guests on non- stop fun and laughter most definitely guarantees that they will enjoy their stay at your humble aboard.

In addition to playing some nice music, you could get their opinion on some of the movies they would like to watch as the night settles in and the kids are asleep, we wouldn’t want to wake them up, right?

As you prepare for your guests this Easter holiday, consider the above tips for a spectacular time and don’t forget to give them big hugs!

Mercy Gitau
Digital Marketer, Journalist, Traveler, Engaging Storyteller