6 Simple DIY Home Makeover Ideas For Your Living Room

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Your home is the most important possession,  and most probably the most valuable thing that you can own. Trying to change the look of your home? instead of buying entirely new items, you can freshen up your home to give it a cooler vibe. Here are some cool DIY living room makeover ideas to get you started this 2018.


Throw a New Color On Your Wall

The most evident way to give your room a new look is painting your walls. With paint, you have boundless options. You can have one colour the entire room, paint a feature wall or you can try out different patterns such as stripes, or stencil work. Your imagination is endless with paint.

Focus on the Floor

A colourful rug, placed strategically in front of a chair or under a coffee table can cast colour and texture to your living room. You can either lay it on top of hardwood or painted floors, pick a colour that compliments the texture that you’re using in the room, or look for one with a delightful pattern that links with the theme of your room.

Put Memories on Display.

Displaying gallery on your wall isn’t just trendy but a perfect way to flaunt your artwork and favourite family photos. Select frames in the same colour for an adhesive look or really stir it up with frames with a different kind of colours, shapes and sizes.

Give New Life to Old Stuff

A Fresh coat of paint will always give a new look to the items you already have, or reorganize the furniture in your living room to make an interesting arrangement. It’s always nice to try something dissimilar, move your coach to the other end of the wall or move the end of the table to the other edge of the chair.

Levels Of Lighting

Good lighting can brighten up your living room and build up an inviting atmosphere. A perfect living room lighting scheme needs different kinds of light, established at different levels, that will work in sync to recreate the space making it warm and attractive.

Replace Your Throw Pillows

You can never go wrong with throw pillows as a decorative accessory. They bring more colour, pattern, texture, and comfort to any living room.They’re also all-powerful, they have the strength to develop a whole different and feel of a room immediately.


These DIY Makeover ideas can help your living room have a completely new look. Visit our Home and Living category to get started.

Elizabeth Nyimbo