DIY Home Improvement Ideas On Budget

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DIY Ideas

There are many competing needs, as far as budgeting is concerned, DIYs are a good way to save money to furnish your home. Do it yourself is a great alternative if you want to avoid breaking your bank for home decor. Here are some cool projects you can start and begin your home decor projects.

Hanging Book Shelves

DIY Ideas

For those books lying around without a neat place to place them, Why not use books to upgrade a boring wall by using this DIY trick? You will need a Book with a strong solid cover, simple bookends drill, screw(s), metal support and strong adhesive tape.

Drill holes on the walls where the metal support will be attached. With the support intact take your hard covered book and attach it to the metal support. This will be the base of your shelf. Now stack up more books on top of the first one. Ensure they are smaller than the base book for better results.

Mosaic CD Mirror

DIY Ideas

Mosaic making is fun and therapeutic. Making a useful mosaic which you get to see all the time should make it even more worthwhile for creating this DIY project. You will need old CDs, glue and scissors for this project.

Get a mirror with a thick wide frame or a picture frame. Cut the CDs to small pieces and start glueing them to the frame. Keep at it until the entire frame is covered up in CD pieces. When the glue dries, hang your new mosaic CD mirror.

Personalized Wall Art

DIY Ideas

Print your photos or make fun art with your family and hang it. It can be coloured or black and white, or a blend of both. Create a mosaic or collage that tells a personal story about you and your loved ones. Some old photos, a printer, and printing paper is all you need.

With the printed pictures on paper, start sticking them on your wall following any pattern you desire. You can borrow inspiration online or just follow a chronology like from when you were a child to when you became an adult. One more tip, make sure everyone in the photo is smiling or engaged in a fun activity.

DIY Flower Vase

DIY Ideas

Have some old plastic bottles lying around the house? Great! You can make some pretty flower vases out of them. You will need the bottom half of the bottle, tape, a primer, and spray paint. When the vase dries, add flowers and that’s it!

Start by cutting the bottle in half and use the bottom part. Tape around the rim to prevent getting cut when installing your flowers. First, apply the primer on the bottle before spraying the outside with a paint of your choice. When sprayed leave the vase to dry before putting the flowers.

Floating Shelf

DIY Ideas


Find a bare wall in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom and install floating shelves. It is super easy and all you need is a plank of woods, a drill, nails, and glue. What’s more, you can make the shelves to any style or thickness you like.

The same technique used on the invisible bookshelf will be used here. First, you have to build the shelf frame and attach it to the wall using the screws. Then the remaining planks of woods are glued on top and the sides of the shelves until you have a frame. Stack your books, soap, vases or anything you wish.

Old Light Bulbs into Candles

DIY Ideas

Instead of disposing off those old bulbs, why not turn them into candles? Turn the bulb upside down, fill it with paraffin oil and insert the top with a wick through it. You now have a cheaper light bulb candle that lasts longer.

Carefully remove the base of the bulb and drill a hole through it. Attach the wick through the hole then add paraffin to the glass before re-attaching the base. Your light bulb candle is ready, you can build a tiny support stand for the bulbs as well.

What’s Your Favourite DIY Idea?

Share your favourite idea on the comment section and if you are too cool for DIYs, try downloading the ZoomTanzania app to get beautiful home decor items for your home.


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