Daycare vs Nanny: Pros and Cons You Should Consider

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Daycare vs Nanny

Choosing between daycare and a nanny is not a small decision to make. In most families, relatives will visit and give you a helping hand the first few months after your baby arrives. Unfortunately, they might need to leave your home and go back to school, work or farming, hence find yourself with no help to look after your kid. Your maternity leave might also be expiring in a few weeks so finding someone trustworthy to take care of your little one in your absence is a critical decision. Should you consider hiring a living nanny or taking your baby to a daycare centre?


A daycare centre is a facility, that takes care of children in a group. It is typically a structured environment and can be ideal for early childhood. All children will follow specific meals, nap times, and activity schedules.

daycare vs nanny


1. Helps build social skills

Through his/her daily experiences in daycare, your child will develop social skills due to the interactions with kids of different backgrounds. He/she will also learn how to socialise with others and adapt to different people and situations.

2. Cost-effective

Due to cost sharing with other parents, a daycare could be less expensive compared to the nanny.

3. Children resources

Daycare centres will provide your child with essentials such as textbooks and toys as well as a playground for your kid to develop his/her creativity. It can also be used as a preschool for your kid.

4. It is licenced

Daycares are also licenced by the authority to provide these service hence it could be an assurance for your child safety.


1. Germs and illness

It is easier for your child to be exposed to germs which might lead to your child sickness at the beginning. Even if a daycare might be very clean, but kids inevitably put dirty hands and toys in their mouth, rub their eyes or otherwise pick up some cold or flu from other kids.

2. Not flexible to your Working Hours

The schedule of the daycare might not align with yours in term of drop off and pick up time, it’s usually up to the parent to adjust and align to the daycare hours as opposed to the other way round. In cases where you work late, you might need to look for alternative arrangements for your baby.

4. Control on your child environment

Accidents and falls could easily occur at daycare because you will not be able to control the environment they are in This could also be due to the fact that the caretakers are usually responsible for more than one child at a time.


daycare vs nanny

Different from daycare, a nanny works as a domestic employee who will care for your child or children in your home. Depending on your agreements, they may live with you or outside your home. Apart from caring for your child, they will also do the child’s laundry, cleanliness, preparing meals for the children and many more depending on the kind of agreement you had beforehand.


1. They are flexible with your schedule

Since a nanny will be working for you it is easier for them to fit into your working schedule. If you work on a full-time job, afternoon shifts or part-time job, they can easily adjust to your schedule compared to a daycare. You are also assured of around the clock care for your child, especially if the nanny lives in the same house as you.

2. Easier logistics

Having a nanny can help to lessen a lot of parenting work. As they will be staying at home, it will be easier for you to arrange different tasks such as fundi service to fix your plumber and others. The nanny will also help you with other house chores such as laundry and cooking.

3. Easy control of your child care

You will also have a control over your child’s growing environment. Activities such as how much TV he/she can watch, what he/she eats and when to sleep can easily be arranged with your nanny to get things done.

4. Your child gets one-on-one attention

As your nanny’s focus is only your child, this will give you an assurance of full attention dedicated to your child.


1. Can be expensive compared to daycare

Daycare vs Nanny

If your nanny ’s only task is taking care of your child, this option can be costly compared to a daycare.  You will need to budget for the nanny’s salary and extra costs for your child resources and play activities.

2. Your child might not learn social skills

As your child will grow with only one person around, he/she might have difficulty socialising with other kids when enrolled in a nursery or pre-school.

3. You depend on only one person

Your nanny might have an emergency such as sickness and leave you with no alternative caregiver for your child. This might force you to take a day off from work or have to pay extra money for daycare until your nanny returns.

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