Date Night: Great Restaurants for A Date in Dar es Salaam

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There isn’t a time when first impressions matter more than on a first date – making it one of the most nerve-wracking experiences we can have.

We prepare for dates as if we are going on job interviews. We pay close attention to what we look like, how we speak and where we go. We also judge our dates like we are evaluating job candidates – Do they have the qualifications I’m looking for? Do they seem like a good fit?

The secret to having a successful first date is quite simple – be yourself.

And while dressing well and being prepared can boost your self-esteem, picking the right location will not only score you favorable points from your date but will put you in a comfortable environment that lets your personality shine through.

So, instead of going to the movies where you barely talk to your date, or a crowded restaurant/bar that is distracting – pick a restaurant that allows you to concentrate on getting to know the other person, and vice versa.

Here are ten amazing restaurants in Dar es Salaam that have the vibe, food, and drinks that create a great first date experience.

·      Mbalamwezi Beach Club, Mikocheni

Price range: $$

TZS 7,000 – TZS 20,000

A popular beach bar and restaurant with a surprisingly intimate and romantic ambiance. You and your date can sit by the bar or on the upstairs/second floor of the bandas and enjoy affordable drinks, Asian fusion food and live local music (on the weekends) or a great DJ.

It’s a great place if you are looking for a low-key chill local vibe.

Learn more about Mbalamwezi here.

·      News Café, Masaki

Price range: $$$$ 

​TZS 15,000 – TZS 45,000

If you are looking for a sophisticated place to impress your date, then look no further than News Café. The mouth-watering food is worth the cost, and the drinks will give you the right buzz to let loose and have a great time.

Learn more about News Café here.

·      Havana Café, Msasani Peninsula

Price range: $$$

​TZS 15,000 – TZS 30,000

If you’ve lived in Dar for a while, you are now used to running into the same crowd all the time – chances are they don’t go to Havana. While popular, Havana has the magical knack of being a place with the least likelihood of meeting someone you know. It also offers a unique Cuban vibe through carefully thought out details in the interior design, wall art, music, garden, food, and drink.

Learn more about Havana Café here.  

·      Oasis Wine Bar & Coffee House, Masaki

Price range: $$$

​TZS 15,000 – TZS 30,000

The African art on the wall, warm colors and backyard style benches give this coffee house and wine bar an incredibly cool yet welcoming vibe. Take your date out on a Thursday night and enjoy some House Music, a bottle of wine and some great food. You even enjoy the company of the people you meet, as the owner/manager is a lively and likeable guy, the service is competent and even the regular patrons are cool and laid back.

Learn more about Oasis here.  

·      Msumbi, Masaki

Price range: $$

TZS 5,000 – TZS 15,000​

If an evening out isn’t for you, then a casual coffee date during the day can be equally intimate. Msumbi not only has great coffee and pastries but serves delicious breakfast meals and sandwiches. Moreover, you have a wide range of seating options, including, chairs on the outside patio, couches and long stools next to work-style tables. This is a great place if you are looking to have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone.

Learn more about Msumbi here.  

·      Velisa’s Jamaican Restaurant, Mikocheni

Price Range: $$$

TZS 20,000 – TZS 35,000

With a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean and candlelit dinner by or on the beach, Velisa’s is undoubtedly one of the most romantic restaurants in Dar es Salaam. Not to mention, the Jamaican cuisine (including a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options) is consistently delicious and filling. Simply put, this is the place to take a date that you are really serious about.

Learn more about Velisa’s here.  

·      Addis in Dar

Price Range: $$$

TZS 15,000 – TZS 25,000

If you want to do something a little extra for your date, take them to Addis in Dar for a traditional Ethiopian Coffee ceremony, followed by a devilishly delicious meal. Addis is Tanzania’s oldest Ethiopian restaurant, and always delivers great service and even better food. Your date will surely be impressed.

Learn more about Addis here.

·      High Spirit, City Center

Price Range: $$$$

TZS 18,000 – TZS 40,000

Now, we are not suggesting you go clubbing on your first date. Instead, go for dinner on a weekday night (not the weekend), and enjoy the music but especially the breathtaking view of downtown Dar es Salaam.

Learn more about High Spirit here. 

·      Coffeesha, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road

Price Range: $

TZs 5,000 to TZS 15,000

If you and your date both enjoy sheesha than a relaxing hang-out session at a spot where you can enjoy coffee, sheesha, and delicious baked goods will surely be a fun time.

Learn more about Coffeesha here.

·      Rudy’s Farm, Kunduchi

Price Range: $$

TZS 7,000 – TZS, 15,000

Rudy’s farm is a laid back and family friendly open space that serves delicious meat and affordable drinks. This is the place to have a relaxed and unpretentious date, where the focus is on getting to know each other in a light-hearted way.

Learn more about Rudy’s here.

The Things We Do For Love

While finding the right place to take a date may seem like a daunting task, remember, that the reason you are doing it is worth it. While you may not find the love of your life in the next first date you go on, it will get you one step closer to meeting that special someone.

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