6 Creative Kids Games Better for Your Child’s Intelligence

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creative kids games

Your kid’s education does not entirely depend on classrooms only. It extends to the activities and environments that they perform and live in every day. These activities enable them to formulate clever and intelligent ways of solving everyday problems. Creativity for kids offers both intellectual, emotional and health benefits, according to the Center for Childhood Creativity Study published in 2016.

You can help your kids to develop their creativity by letting them participate in different games at home. The good thing is that most of these games can be home-made and are easy to execute. Here are some of the creative kids games that you can do together with them.

1. Telling Tales in a Creative Way

Telling Tales in a Creative Way

Storytelling is essential in shaping children imagination as it helps them with their memory and emotional health.   The traditional way of telling stories to kids is that one tells the story while others listen. You can add the creativity by letting them twist the end of their favourite tales with their own stories. Example, you can start the story and they can add the part of the story with their own words until it reaches the end.

2. Guess Who Am I

This is a simple game that makes your kid’s mind active by letting him/her guess the imitations you make and they give answers. You can imitate different acts, voices,  their famous superheroes or tell them the functions of different objects and they figure the names. You can also switch the game by letting your kids do the imitation and you guess the answers.

3. Drawing and Puzzles

Drawing and Puzzles

Exercise your kid’s creativity, memory and problem-solving skills by encouraging them to draw various objects they recall. Drawing enables your kids to build in their knowledge and visual skills. You can add fun into this game by adding puzzles from what they draw.  Let them draw in the board and use a scissor to cut it into pieces, mix it up and let them rearrange. This will help with their cognitive and problem-solving skills.

4. Question and Answer Sessions

Utilize creative Q&A sessions with your kids that will make them think outside the box. Research shows that kids will develop higher-order cognition by practising different kinds of thinking, including learning to ask good questions and imagining possible solutions. Engage with your kids in open-ended questions, questions with lots of answers or ‘what would happen if’ questions.

Questions like ‘What are the uses of water?’, ‘What floats on water?’, ‘What would be nicer if it was smaller?’ and others will make your kids think and come up with many different answers.

5. Object Creations

Object Creation

Expand your kid’s creativity by letting them create different objects with kids toys, paints, sand, mud or clay. Reserve a small space for their activities that will give them a sense of freedom and boost their focus and concentration. A 2016 Center for Childhood Creativity study suggests that these activities are also appropriate for their mental and physical development.

6. Dramatic Play and Follow the Leader

This is a game where a kid accepts and assign different roles then act them out. It involves imitating people, animals and machines. Your kids can read the story and act it out. This will make their reading time memorable.


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