Car Safety: 5 Important Tips for Your Kid’s Protection

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Your kids’ safety has to be your top priority when travelling with them. They need a lot of care and attention especially when it comes to car safety. With all the fun  that a road trip can be, you have a responsibility of ensuring that they are safe and comfortable. While you may not be able to control the action of other drivers, what goes on in your own car is upon you. Here are the tips that can guide you:

1. Always Use Child Restraints

car safety kids child restrain

The best way to ensure the safety of your kid in the car is to use the child restraints. These are seats designed specifically to protect your kids from injury or death during vehicle collisions. The safest child restraint is the one that will fit well in your can and fit your child according to his/her age, weight and height. Ensure you get proper guidance when installing the seats from your car mechanics or get it installed by the seller immediately you purchase it.

2. Utilize Your Trunk for Dangerous Tools Inside Your Car

If you are driving from shopping or have large items in your car, try as much as possible to put them in your trunk. This is because when you are driving all the items that are inside your car move as well. Any loose objects in the car can become dangerous to your kids on a bumpy/rough road,  or in cases of an emergency brake. Ensure that you put these in the car trunk where your kids are free from loose and dangerous objects.

3. Say no to Distracted Driving

car safety kids distracted driving

Studies show that drivers taking eyes off the road for an average of just 23 seconds are in the risk of crash or near-crash by two times more. Your texts and calls can always wait. Looking at your phone can lead you to lose focus on the road and put the life of your kids in danger. If there is an urgent need to send a text, receive a call or if your kids are disturbing you, pull over first to avoid endangering your kid’s life.

4. Do not Leave Your Kid Unattended in the Car

Even if you are going out for a few minutes, you should not leave your kid alone in the car. The temperature inside the car can double within a few minutes and cause harm to your kid. Study shows that an average of 38 kids dies from heat-related deaths after being trapped inside vehicles. And even if your car is on or has air conditioner, the danger still exists. Children are unaware of the danger and can press any button or play with a gear that may cause an accident.

5. Always Inspect the Blind-Zone Area

car safety kids blind zone area

You should always check the area behind and in front of your car before you move. Blind zone areas are those you cannot see when you are inside your car. You should always be aware before engaging your car into reverse; especially when your kids are present. On blind-zone areas, you can keep your kids safe by:

  • Always walking around your car and know where they are before moving it.
  • Installing rear view cameras
  • Teaching them  not to play around  parked cars
  • Rolling down driver’s side window when parking so that you can hear if someone is warning you to stop

One of the most priority task you have as a parent is ensuring your child maximum safety when driving. What are the measures that you take to protect your kids from dangerous car surroundings? Share with us in the comments section below


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