Budget Wedding: Plan Your Perfect Day with These 7 Ideas

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Budget Wedding: 7 Ideas For Your Perfect Day | ZoomTanzania

Having a stylish, fun and memorable wedding does not necessarily have to be an expensive affair. You can save money to be used for your honeymoon or during the first weeks after the wedding. Plan a simple but beautiful budget wedding by cutting on unnecessary costs. Opt to have a cost-effective and less stressful event that still delivers on the wedding of your dreams.

Here are  great ways to cut costs, save money and at the same time have a memorable special day with your loved one:

1. Plan Early

Plan Early

Start early discussions with your partner on how much you want to allocate and how both of you will fund the wedding. You need to lay out all the sources of funds in order to avoid debts and stress soon after your marriage.

It is important to plan early so that if you don’t have enough money you can start a saving plan. Ensure you plan a wedding that is within your means. You wouldn’t want to be a bother to both your family and friends asking for money to fund your wedding. For the family and friends that want to support, let them do so at free will.

2. Have Your Priority List

To make things within your reach, you should make a list of important items you want at your wedding. Whether it is a DJ Music, a cake, an open bar, photographer e.t.c. Use vendors that are referred to you by cousins, friends, sister, who have had weddings before you. Write down all items that each of you feels strongly about then work through the list to strike out unnecessary things e.g using a 3 tier cake instead of a 6 tier one.  The list will help you to figure out what to include and what to do away with.

3. Find Affordable Wedding Setting

Find Affordable Wedding Setting

The wedding venue can be costly, but you can save a lot of money by doing a simple research and planning. Getting married during a certain time of the year in particular areas in the city is just more expensive than others. Consider getting married during the off-peak season so as to avoid high demand of venues. It is easier to get an affordable venue in areas such as Bagamoyo compared to bigger cities like Dar es Salaam and Arusha.

4. Aim for a Short Guestlist.

Having everyone you know attend your wedding may sound fun but it is not a great idea if you are planning to do a budget wedding. Remember that each time you add a name to your guest list, the budget goes significantly higher. Don’t feel the pressure to invite all your colleagues or letting your friends bring their friends or children. You might find a lot of people whom you do not know well, which to be honest don’t add much value to your life.

5. Find Reception, Catering and Drinks Team from Family

Find Reception, Catering and Drinks Team from Family

For your budget wedding, you can handle the reception and food preparation by yourself with help from your family and family friends. Hiring a team of ushers, caterers and a whole bar can be a lot expensive. Find a venue that allows you to bring your own food and drinks and plan with your family on who can help with these. If you don’t want your family to prepare the food, you can look for a family or friend-owned restaurant and ask the owners directly to cater for your wedding.

6. Compare Affordable Wedding Dresses on the Internet

You do not have to spend a big part of your wedding budget on a dress that you are likely to wear once. There are a lot of online shops that offer affordable wedding dresses that look just as great as a million-shilling gown. Visit online store or you can look on ZoomTanzania for deals on new or used wedding dresses.

7. Cut the Photography, Travel and Decoration Costs

Cut the Photography, Travel and Decoration Costs

After your dream day is done, you want to make sure that you have kept the memories that will remind you of every moment at your wedding. Finding a professional wedding photographer can be expensive but that does not mean you won’t get perfect photos of your wedding. You can try to find a photographer who shoots weddings as a side job or reach out to the local college to get their best student photographer for affordable deals.


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