6 Ideas to Plan Your Budget Family Vacation

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budget family vacation

Family vacations are always fun. They give you a chance to spend quality time with your family and make memories that will last a lifetime. Although it involves a number of members of the family, which means  sleeping arrangement, food, entertainment, and more tickets, taking your family for a vacation does not have to be expensive. Discuss in advance about your preferred destination and activities , plan your budget and understand the best deals and packages will save you from unplanned expenses. Here are  ideas on how to plan your family vacation on a budget:

1. Check for Discounts Online First

budget family vacation check online travel deals

Comparing  vacation packages being offered on discount can give you a huge boost if you start early. Search for vacation packages from different agents to have  a general idea on what to expect and how it will fit within your budget. Remember to involve your family on the search so they can become familiar with activities and for them to choose a destination everyone will love.. You can also make few calls to compare and check for local coupons and deals.

2. Book Early on Kid’s Free Hotels

Some hotels don’t charge for kids under the age of 12 and this is an advantage you should take . You will only need to pay for their transport to the hotel and food during the period.. Research  from online travel agencies and official websites for various hotels to make it easier to compare vacation packages around your budget.

3. Visit Local Attractions

budget family vacation local attraction

Going with your family to  local tourist places can be a lot of fun.  Vacationing in local spots, such as national parks, game reserves, zoo or Water Park — less than a day’s drive away,  will help you save on transport costs and hotel accommodation. Visit historical landmarks such as Kilwa and Bagamoyo ruins, or go to Zanzibar to see the historical House of Wonders. If your family loves camping and natural attractions, you can visit  fast growing destinations such as Magoroto forest reserve for a memorable experience.

4. Prioritise Activities rather than Accommodation

To make your vacation even more adventurous, you should plan for a trip that focuses on activities instead of accommodation. Being choosy about hotel accommodations can make your trip much more expensive. You can just opt to go for a simple hotel family room with a kitchenette which can save you money on meals . In fact, activities such as hiking through the forest, zoo visit or bike ride are less expensive and will give you a chance to talk and connect with your family.

5. Take Advantage of Low Season

budget family vacation low season over high season

During the holiday seasons, the prices are always up with limited availability. You might not enjoy  some of the activities due to overcrowding. Some destinations can be perfect for family during the off-peak season. Destinations such as beaches in Nungwi or Mountain camping can be more charming, relaxing, less crowded and definitely less expensive during low season. You can take advantage of that and have a memorable stay with your family.  

6. Stick to your Budget

It is important to figure out your family vacation budget from the beginning, but even more crucial to stick to it. From the very start of your trip, ensure that you spend what is within your budget . Use reusable material that might add extra costs on the go, such as reusable water bottles so you can avoid buying bottled water every time someone is thirsty.


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