Baby Proofing Steps For Your Child

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baby proofing

It’s in nature that parents do get worried about their newborn babies. It’s a good idea to childproof your house for the safety of your child. Sometimes childproofing your home can be quite overwhelming. We have made a childproofing checklist that will help you prepare before your baby arrives, your baby starts crawling and before your baby starts toddling and climbing.


Get Down On The Baby’s level

baby proofing

If your baby is at a crawling stage one of the best ways is going down to their level. You will be able to handle all the small objects on the floor and sharp corners from harming your child. You can either get them away from your baby’s sight or place them high enough where they cant reach them. For Sharp corners of furniture, all you need is to pad them so as your child would not be able to hurt themselves when they bump into them.


The Toilet Paper Roll Rule

baby proofing

Babies put everything in their mouths. This means as a parent you need to look out for all things that may cause choking hazards. The toilet paper roll will help you determine which items are small enough and can fit through the toilet paper cardboard tube, then they need to be placed out of reach to reduce the risk of choking.


Cover Outlets

baby proofing

Almost all electrical outlets are near the floor and babies are really drawn to them. The first step you need to do is baby proofing them by covering the electrical outlets. The electrical outlet covers will keep your baby from accessing the sockets. This will help you to worry less about your child getting electric shocks.


Limit Access To Certain Areas

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Protecting your child from the stairs and also from rooms which your baby shouldn’t be allowed is very important. You can install a child safety gate which is a protective barrier which is designed to protect your babies in accessing in areas of your home which might be unsafe such as the stairways.


Remove Temporary Dangers

baby proofing

When the baby is in any room remove temporary dangers which might cause an accident to your baby. These items can be a portable heater, buckets of water, siccors or cleaning products. These things need to be removed after use or when an adult is not present.


Watch Them Closely

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No matter how well you baby proof your house doesn’t take a place of a constant supervision of an adult. You need to know where the location of your baby all the times. If you need to maybe simply take a resting place your baby where you know its safe such as their crib or a swing.


Elizabeth Nyimbo