8 Apps Made for Tanzanians That You Should Download

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Apps Made For Tanzanians

Gone are the days when phones were only used for texting and calling. Mobile apps are improving lives and making smartphones more meaningful and valuable.  Here is a list of apps made for Tanzanians that you will find useful.

Kilimo Bora

Apps For Tanzanians

Kilimo Bora is a mobile application designed for the 21st-century farmer. The app offers plenty of information on livestock and crop farming. Whether you want to be a small-scale arable farmer or run a large-scale farming business, this is the app to get. The app gives details on how to pick a suitable crops, the fertilizers and pesticides required, and even the type of irrigation method to use. The app also gives tips on manure farming. Livestock farmers also get daily advice on how to tend to their cows, goats, sheep, pigs, or poultry.


Apps For TanzaniansM-paper is an online roster for newspapers. The mobile app holds over 46 newspapers from different local media houses. M-paper is currently available for Android and iOS users. The best part is that you pay half the price to access an online paper as opposed to buying it from a physical vendor. You can access the newspaper any time without carrying an entire paper, as it is all on your phone. You also save the environment from pollution by reading your favourite newspaper online.


Apps For Tanzanians


E-Learning is becoming an important aspect in the education sector of the country. Discussing and sharing notes is easier now thanks to an app like MyElimu. Students can revise for exams or attend online classes via the MyElimu app. In addition to this, the app shares educational tips through social media. Currently, MyElimu provides 15-second educational videos on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The app also uploads 15-minute animated videos, explaining schoolwork, via video notes.


Apps For TanzaniansMillardAyo.com is among the leading websites in Tanzania. The website shares top trending stories and breaking news especially hot celebrity gossip in the nation and the app is an extension of that. The app makes it easier to receive top stories of the nation on the palm of your hand.


Apps For TanzaniansMkito is a music streaming app with access to your favourite African music. The mobile app has a huge playlist of genres like Bongo, Afrobeat, Zouk, Singeli, and Jazz. Mkito app also houses exclusive playlists of your favourite East African artists.


Apps For TanzaniansZoomTanzania App provides an online marketplace for both buyers and sellers. The app has a vast selection of products to browse under different categories from electronics, home and living, fashion and accessories, vehicles and jobs. Buyers using the app can chat with sellers to gather more information about products or the company.One can also register and become a seller through the app. As a seller, the app lets you manage inventory, edit classified ads and improve the buyer’s experience.

Get ready to experience variety and convenience with the ZoomTanzania App.


Apps For TanzaniansTwendeApp is a transport app that works like Uber. The only difference is that the Tigo-powered app lets you decide how much you pay for your ride. TwendeApp lets you request a Bajaj ride, bodaboda ride or taxi using your phone. No need to worry about paying with cash, the service lets you pay with TigoPesa.


Apps For Tanzanians

Imagine saving the time you used to dread washing. Emakatt is the laundry app for you. By downloading the app, you can order for laundry to be picked, delivered back, and pay for the service right from the app. Why hustle with expensive dry cleaners or spend time you hate wasting by washing clothes while you can just let Emakatt take care of you?

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