The Unstoppable Fashion Designers in Tanzania

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When the colours mix on a fabric to form bold, vibrant designs, you get a stunning African print. Tanzanian designers are not letting that opportunity pass, they use all their imagination to create masterpieces.  They are claiming the fashion industry stage from the Swahili Fashion Week in Dar es Salaam to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in South Africa. Tanzanian designers have pushed the boundaries with a simple “Kitenge” leaving masterpieces in their wake. Here are some of the Tanzanian Designers to watch out for.


Kemi Kalikawe

She is the founder of Naledi Fashion House, which was established in 2008. By profession, Kemi is an interior designer who is inspired by all forms of designs and creativity. She found passion in fashion as a natural progression from interior designing. Naledi fashion house designs are all created by Miss Kemi Kalikawe herself and they are ready-to-wear casual or contemporary afro-urban fashion for both men and women. The designer makes heavy use of one of national Tanzania’s fabric Khanga alongside the Kitenge and the Ankara. Kemi recently participated and won the award of Innovative Designer of the Year award at the Swahili Fashion Week in Tanzania.

KiKi Fashion

Kiki Fashion is another fashion home owned by Kiki Zimba.  She portrays her fashion and personality via her fashion brand, through her creativity and designs. She mostly customises her designs to women and children and captures their hearts with stylish long dresses, evening gowns, or short skirts.  If you’re a fashion savvy lady, you will always find something new at Kiki Fashion. She incorporates her designs with Kitenge and Ankara. She is currently big on African prints.

Doreen Mashika

Doreen is a Zanzibar based and Tanzanian born Fashion designer. She has built her successful fashion company named after her own name “Doreen Mashika”. She loves travelling and that’s how she has adopted her brand. Doreen Mashika brand mostly styles women’s fashion. Her brand style is a combination of best African traditional style with a twist of contemporary. She is now a proud Tanzanian to present a modern Tanzania design to the world, by showcasing her sleek and cutting-edge designs rooted in bold colours.

Mustafa Hassanali


A Medical Doctor by profession, Mustafa started down the unlikely road of fashion designing as a hobby back in 1999. His sense of fashion is not limited to one gender. His creations offer something new every time he drops s new design. Mustafa has showcased his creations in over 31 cities across 21 countries globally representing Tanzania as a Fashion and Cultural ambassador. He is highly appreciated at international level by working alongside Naomi Campbell. Mustafa is still on that ladder to leave his mark on his work globally.

Evelyn Rugemalira

Evelyn is the creative director of Eve Collection. All she needed to set her on the fashion path was the inspiration she got during a trip to Lagos Nigeria.  Her passion was ignited after seeing and experiencing western African fashion enthusiasts at work. She believes that Fashion has the ability to inspire, inform and document what the society says. She mostly uses kitenge and Ankara for her designs. Her audience is mostly women with an endearing soft spot for curvy women.


Elizabeth Nyimbo