5 Tips For Throwing An Epic Wedding After Party

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The wedding after-party trend is growing. It is basically a post-wedding get-together and is popular among young couples. After the ‘Yes I Do’ ceremony ends, some of the fun memories are likely to be made afterwards. Your friends might like to stay back after the official wedding ceremony is over. So you can plan a way of prolonging the festivities into after hours so that they won’t forget soon.

If planned well, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Snacks and drinks at a simple venue can have your all-night excitement and reunion with people who matter to you. Here are the after party tips to make it a success:

1. Pick the list of Whom to Invite

Invite after party tips

The wedding after party is not an official ceremony. It is an informal get-together party and you do not need to follow traditional ways of inviting people. Most couples choose to invite their friends and a younger crowd. If you want to invite everyone who attended the wedding, you can mention it on the wedding invitation cards or soon after the official ceremony. But considering the cost, spreading the news by word of mouth can be a better option.

2. Invite the DJ and Pick A Venue with Nice Dance Floor

As your guests are staying late to extend the party, they should have something to keep the party going all night. Ensure you pick a place where there is a nice dancefloor that will give them the opportunity to dance the whole night. If the venue does not have music, you can invite a DJ or let one of your friends play their coolest playlists on the venue speakers.

3. Have a Clear Theme and Dress Code

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Picking a different theme for your wedding after-party can make it lively and unique. You can arrange a fun get-together in the hotel lounge, backyard or on the rooftop of your favourite hotel. To make it more exciting, you can communicate the dress code to the invitees that will match the theme. Ensure to pick a simple dress code like a colour that can easily be worn by everyone.

4. Offer Snacks and Stocked Bar

Even if your guests will enjoy their meals at the wedding reception, they will surely need something to eat during the after party. Plan for smaller plates of bites that your guests can grab on the go. Remember to order the snacks earlier so that there won’t be trouble arranging them for your guests. Pair the snacks with cocktails or an open bar.

5. Prepare Engaging Entertainment

entertainment after party tips

You should also set a good mood for all the guests throughout the night with interactions and unique entertainment. Prepare to have live music, photo booths, old photo previews and other interactive activities for guests to take part in.  You can also give your guests control over the music with a fun karaoke session.

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