7 Reasons Why Video Games Are Actually Good for You

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Not all video game lovers are socially awkward loners


In Tanzania, you will find almost everybody from top advertising executives to university students playing FIFA on PlayStation. However, there are a lot of negative stereotypes about people who play video games. For instance, you’ve probably watched a movie where a group of nerdy socially awkward teenagers (usually male) struggle to interact with other people but spend a lot of time in front of the TVs and computers playing video games. Moreover, it’s popular belief that people who play violent video games are more likely to exhibit dangerous and violent behaviour. The truth is, none of these stereotypes is scientifically accurate. In fact, here are 7 benefits that playing video games can bring to your life.


1. It keeps your mind sharp

Just like it’s important to do physical exercise to keep your body in shape, you also need to do mental exercises to keep your brain active. Well, a study conducted by the University of Iowa found that when healthy people above the age of 50 played video games for 10 hours, their rate of brain deterioration significantly slowed down. So, this shows that video games are a great way to keep your mind sharp and active, and also slow down the process of ageing. No wonder a lot of people who love video games also tend to be very smart!


2. Makes you more strategic

Whether the video game requires you to rescue someone from a house full of terrorists, build a town, or take over a Kingdom, you have to make a lot of quick decisions when playing video games.


In games like Warcraft, you are battling in a war with other virtual players and have to make decisions in real time.  In a game like the Sims, you are responsible for the well-being of a character and community; you have to think about how you ration food, what you choose to build, how you interact with other people, and more.  So, it’s clear that video games can help you become a more strategic thinker.


3. It’s a fun social activity

While it’s relaxing to zone out and play video games alone, you can also use video games as a tool to socialise with friends. Most games require multiple players, so you can always invite friends over to play with you and also talk about other things like relationships, news, celebrity gossip, and football.


4. It’s an affordable hobby

Nowadays, there are many people selling new and used video games and systems online for incredibly affordable prices. Moreover, for those of you looking to save money this year, you can stay at home and have a good time playing video games with friends, rather than spending a lot of money on food and drinks on a night out. So buying a video game system like a PlayStation or Nintendo is a great investment that will help you save more money in the long run.


5. They can help you stay fit

Not all video games are designed for you to sit down and only use your thumbs, eyes, and brains. Ever since Nintendo introduced the Wii system with motion control gaming, companies started creating video games that get your body moving. This includes video games for exercising and fitness, dance competitions, tennis matches, and even playing soccer.


6. They give you better vision 

While watching a lot of television and excessive use of your mobile phone can negatively affect your vision, your concentration while playing video games can actually improve your eyesight. In fact, research has proven that video games alter pathways in the brain and make people better at distinguishing different shades of grey. As a result, you can see better in darker settings like night time.


7. It’s a good way to relax

At the end of a long day, playing a fun video game is a good way to destress and forget about all your problems, while still stimulating your mind.


Be responsible

 in moderation and make sure that you still find time to go outside, interact with people, sleep, work out, and do other activities that have positive benefits to your life. So, as long as you are responsible with your time, video games are a fun play video games. At the end of the day, even if video games have plenty of benefits, you should not be spending your whole day or night playing them. Like with most things, you need to pass time with some great advantages.

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