6 Terrible Shoe Designs You Never Knew Existed

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Terrible Shoes

Some designers, especially shoe designers, choose the adventurous route and occasionally it turns out to be a terrible route to take. Here is a list of 6 visually distracting shoe designs we rounded up.

The Noodle Shoe

Terrible Shoe

This noodle shoe was created by Iris Van Herpen. If this shoe doesn’t this shoe remind you of ramen noodles or a worm attack on two feet, you need to watch more movies. The shoe was showcased in Haute Couture, a high fashion show, in 2013/14. What’s more, the shoe came with a ridiculous price tag as well.

The 2013/14 Alexander McQueen Collection


Terrible Shoe


Alexander McQueen is a household name for high-end fashion. In 2012, the fashion house designed and released their first pair of heels that actually had no heels. Quite the oxymoron, right?  Just like you, we are also wondering how one can walk in these let alone be caught wearing them.

The Crocodile Shoes
Terrible Shoe


These shoes took crocodile leather a bit too seriously. Unless you are paying tribute to your dead crocodile these shoes are a super no-no. We have no idea who made these shoes. Fortunately, their name is not on the list of top shoe designers, because, why would anyone think this is a super invention of some sort?

Ancient High Heels

Terrible Shoe

These 30 inches tall shoes just came trotting back from the Middle Ages. How does anyone even get anywhere in these shoes? Guo Pei, a Chinese fashion designer, definitely thinks someone can. He has a collection that mimics this design.

The Eye Ball Shoe

Terrible Shoe


Whoever created these shoes probably thought this design would be eye-catching (Cough! Cough!). Unfortunately, they are a complete eyesore, to say the least. It doesn’t end there, sassy shoes have a whole collection of shoes that look like this. Someone should stop them!

The Iris Schieferstein Shoe

Terrible Shoes

German designer Iris Schieferstein uses animal parts to create shoes. Despite the blatant violation of animal rights, her designs have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga. Can you imagine anyone wearing such ugly shoes? We can’t either.

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