6 Apps That Will Improve Your Productivity

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Apps To Improve Productivity

Running a business means you have to place productivity as a top priority. Productivity helps you become more efficient and achieve goals faster. There are thousands of softwares that are meant to help you manage your duties smoothly. Here are some apps that will make you stay on your A game.  

1. Google Drive


This versatile app lets you work on documents, slides, sheets from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere with internet connection. The files on google drive can be accessed from anywhere since they are stored on a cloud-computing system. The beauty of Google Drive you can easily add collaborators who can actually help you, edit or review your documents.Google Drive is another way to avoid unsaved files, as well as pay attention to your team’s documents closely especially when doing projects that need collaborations. With Google Drive, teams can edit documents at the same time, have live chats as well as see who is working on what.


Apps To Improve Productivity

The app is a team’s virtual to do list, task and project manager. The app will help you get to see what your team is up to as well as see who is in charge of particular projects. The projects or tasks can be further added to the lists so anyone can get to see the preview of the work. Trello can also allow clients to track the progress of the work in progress of commissioned projects.Project management is made easier by Trello and teams can actually work to meet tight deadlines in a short time.

3. Google Keep

Apps To Improve Productivity

It is easy to lose notes and meeting minutes. Google Keep app helps to create notes and to do lists or checklists. The plus side of this note-taking app is the location and time-based reminders so now you can never miss any important meetings or events that are of value to your business. The app also allows you to bookmark important web links as well, and sync in all google connected apps. The app has sharing capabilities making it more convenient for teams to share important notes.



Apps To Improve Productivity

The app is known as the corporate chatroom. Slack is where you can avoid those long annoying chain thread messages. The chat room helps you share files, easily track important conversations and reach out to all your team members all at once. For small businesses, slack offers a free-to-use package that lasts forever. The app integrates over 10 other apps such as Google drive, Trello, Google calendar and mail chimp for convenience and ease of sharing documents. Slack is a good app for modern teams that are seeking productivity as it allows instant messaging and collaborations.


Apps To Improve Productivity


Social Media Management made easy by an app is what HootSuite is. In an era where social media presence is a vital thing for any business, the app allows users to manage social media pages on one page. Running a business and social media can be taxing especially since you have to maintain a consistent brand voice throughout so you need an app that monitors all social media activities. Hootsuite enables you to view what people are saying about your brand and helps you interact with your audience.The app allows you to schedule updates for each social media site and easily post across all the networks. Collaboration is also possible with HootSuite, as teams can delegate replies and other tasks to other colleagues. Additionally, it has a social media analytics capability which allows you to analyse how your posts are performing and even collect analytics reports.


Apps To Improve Productivity

Email Marketing is the name of the game. Companies and businesses have realised that regular communication with clients and interested parties should be a priority.  MailChimp simplifies email marketing by simply drafting your campaigns and tracking analytics of the email campaigns sent out. Reach targeted customers via email and re-engage with your customers by sending them relevant emails using custom templates created by the app. Bulk emails have never been this easy or cool. MailChimp simply makes it easier to communicate with clients.

Why Work Hard, When You Can Work Smarter?

These apps will make your work/business easier to navigate, easier to finish and work more pleasant.


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