5 Reasons Why Toyotas Are So Popular in Tanzania

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Everyone knows that Toyota is the most popular car brand in Tanzania. In fact, according to Best Selling Cars,  1 in 4 new car purchases are of Toyotas. While it’s common knowledge in Tanzania that Toyotas are trustworthy cars, surely, there are other equally reliable and maybe even more stylish car brands out there?

So why exactly are Toyotas so popular?

1.     Affordability

Unfortunately, Tanzania doesn’t manufacture its own cars. It’s cheaper to buy a slightly used Toyota vehicle from Japan, than let’s say, a used Ford from the U.S. Moreover, the Tanzanian government allows local dealers to import these cars relatively efficiently at reduced costs. As a result, there are several credible car dealers that will get you a Toyota car from Japan, and handle all the customs and import, for a good deal.

2.     Fuel consumption

Most of the smaller compact Toyota’s are great on fuel consumption. Big cities in Tanzania like Dar es Salaam are infamous for having terrible roads and traffic jams. So, having a fuel efficient car is a smart move that helps many people in Tanzania manage their costs of living by cutting down fuel consumption during a commute.

3.     Availability of parts

Because Toyota cars are so popular, their parts are also relatively easier to find than the car parts of other brands. This is something many car owners appreciate, as it reduces the hassle and stress caused when a car breaks down. You don’t have to go to a specific authorized Toyota parts seller to find what you are looking for, parts (used and new) are available in local shops all over town.

4.     Mechanics are specialized in them

Once again, one beneficial consequence of Toyota cars being so popular is that many credible mechanics know how to fix them. A mechanic is a doctor for your car, and just like you’d go see a neurosurgeon for a brain tumor, you want a mechanic who is specialized in your vehicle brand and model to fix your car. A person who buys a Volkswagen Polo will have limited options of where they can fix their car, and this can be quite inconvenient and expensive (because they have no choice). Whereas Toyota owners have endless options, though you should choose your mechanic wisely.

5.     There’s something for everybody

When it comes to choosing vehicles, people don’t think of Toyota as a brand comparable to other brands, instead, they compare different models of Toyota cars. Toyota has a wide range of models that fit the price point and needs of people from different socio-economic backgrounds, careers, and lifestyles. Simply put, anyone can drive a Toyota, from a recent university graduate with an entry level salary that owns a Toyota Corolla to a government official or even the president, that rides in a Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

The biggest contributor to Toyota’s popularity may be us!

The thing is, many Tanzanians make purchasing decisions primarily based on the recommendation of family and friends. So, if there is already a common perception that Toyota cars are ‘the best’, then people will continue to gravitate towards them without really exploring other brand options. Luckily, Toyota is in actuality a great car brand, however, we could all benefit from being more thorough with how we select our cars.

Don’t worry! We’ve got tips that will help you find the vehicle that’s right for you, whether it’s a Toyota or another brand.


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