5 Benefits of Hiring through a Recruitment Agency

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Bad employees cost businesses a lot of money and time. However, finding quality employees is difficult in many countries, especially in Tanzania, where:

  • Overwhelming numbers of applications are from underqualified candidates
  • Exaggerated CV details, falsified certificates and pretentious references are common
  • Interview-only assessments favor candidates who are confident but may lack skills
  • Labor laws make it difficult and costly to fire underperforming employees

So how can businesses in Tanzania solve their hiring problems?

Well, recruitment agencies can find qualified and exceptional talent for businesses.

What exactly is recruitment?

Recruitment can be defined as finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate for a job position – within or outside the company.

The goal is to do this in the most cost-effective and timely manner. The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants.

So, for example, a successful company such as Vodacom can recruit individuals from within the company or from outside. It all depends on who fits the requirements the best. Vodacom can employ people within the human resource department to handle the tedious process or can choose to hire the services of a recruitment agency. The latter tends to be faster and efficient.

In fact, here are 5 major reasons why your business should be using recruitment agencies to find employees.

It’s their full-time job to find you great employees

Recruitment agencies are specialized, where as human resource departments are generalists.

As a result, a human resource department is more likely to take much more time in finding suitable employees while a recruitment agency has extensive networks that allows them to reach more people suitable for the job position.

Moreover, due to the lack of employment opportunities, most job positions receive dozens of applications that can overwhelm a human resource department. As a result, human resource departments can overlook very promising resumes because they do not have a large enough team and other resources to go through every resume, conduct background checks and applicants overall profile. This problem does not exist for recruitment agencies, as this is what they expect and have devised thorough methods to deal with the processing.

Good recruitment agencies are specialized in specific industries and are always up to date in what is happening in those markets. They know:

  • The key players and companies.
  • The salary ranges for positions in the industry.
  • The general career path people in the industry take.
  • The skill set and personality traits best for the job.

Therefore, if you are a business which doesn’t have the time to consistently research and keep up with certain job markets, a recruitment agency can be your eyes and ears and ensure that you find a person that can effectively do the job.

Access to quality candidates

A lot of businesses in Tanzania complain that there are not enough quality applicants for available positions.

However, sometimes the problem is not the lack of qualified people able to do the job, but the fact that these people don’t apply for jobs through the regular channels (job boards, advertisements, websites, social).

Recruitment agencies have broad networks and keep the resumes of thousands of skilled local professionals. Upon seeing your needs for a position, agencies provide you with a candidate who’s more apt to be the right fit than you could likely find on your own.

So, using a recruitment agency should mean that you see only candidates – job seekers who have been pre-selected to match all the criteria that you are looking for and who are worthy of consideration and interview.

This proves to be way less time consuming compared to using the human resource department to find, screen and hire applicants.


Whether a business has a HR department or uses employees for recruitment, hiring new employees is expensive. And the costs increase if you make a hiring mistake.

In fact, a study reported that poor-performing employees take up about 17 percent of a manager’s time. And in Tanzania, labor laws make it difficult to fire full-time employees.

And even if they quit, the manager has to spend more time training a replacement.

This can easily become a cycle.

All of this is taking away from making money for your business. So while your business may not want to spend on recruitment, you should think of the time taken away from doing revenue generating activities when you are doing your own recruitment.

Saves time

The recruitment agency does the most tiring and time-consuming tasks in the hiring process, this includes:

  • Conducting thorough background and reference checks.
  • Skills testing.
  • Coordinating interviews.

As a result, you don’t take valuable time away from your own revenue-generating duties until you’re presented with a list of premier candidates.


The best recruitment agencies believe so much in their talent that they will find you a replacement if the candidate you picked through them doesn’t work out. ZoomTanzania’s recruitment services* take it a step further and perform post-hiring surveys to ensure that the candidate you picked is performing well.

Great employees are waiting for you

Working with a recruitment agency will transform your experience with the workforce in Tanzania. Despite the popular belief that Tanzania doesn’t have a sufficient pool of quality workers. There are many highly motivated, capable individuals in Tanzania just waiting for the chance to prove themselves at your company.

Don’t believe us?

Contact our very own recruitment service: recruitment@zoomtanzania.com

*ZoomTanzania’s recruitment services use years of insight on the hiring challenges of Employers, Recruitment Agencies, and HR Consultants to find your business the most adequately qualified employees.


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