10 of the Strangest Things You Can Find on ZoomTanzania

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There’s something here for everybody


A classifieds website is basically a place where individuals and businesses can sell their products and services to other online users. There is almost no limitation on what can be sold.For instance, on ZoomTanzania you’ll find a wide range of products including mobile phones, children’s books, clothing, dietary supplements, land, to luxury cars. Basically, you can buy and sell almost anything on a classifieds site, as long as it’s legal.


So, to have some fun, we looked for some unusual items that have been put up for sale on ZoomTanzania. While we didn’t find anything super weird, these 10 items are sure to raise an eyebrow and may even make you chuckle!


  1. Hip enlargement supplement


We all know, wide hips are considered very attractive in the Tanzanian society. So it’s not a surprise that someone is selling dietary supplements and even soap that claims to make your hips bigger.




2. A cat scratcher


While there are many Tanzanians who own cats, most of them probably don’t have a cat scratcher. You see cats have a natural desire to scratch, as this helps them remove material from their claws and mark their territory. So someone out there created this cat scratcher to help cats scratch themselves. Which is kind of weird.



3. A school


While it’s common to see apartments, houses, farms, and land for sale, you can also literally buy a ready-made school building complete with amenities like a playground, parking space, and football field. All you need to find are teachers, and you’ll be ready to open!



4. A boat


Similar to the school, it’s common to find cars for sale on ZoomTanzania, but did you know that you could also find a boat?



5. A burger


Did you know you could order food to be delivered to your doorstep on ZoomTanzania! Mhmmm, doesn’t this burger make you hungry?



6. Wrap Fat Burner


It seems like people are really trying to avoid going to the gym, and are finding alternative ways to lose weight quickly! The wrap fat burner requires you to apply a special cream and wrap the osmotic paper around the part of your body where you want to loose weight. Apparently, the hot cream with the paper helps to reduce the localise fat from legs, thighs, abdomen and arms.



7. Cashew Nut Shell Liquid


While cashew nut shell liquid is a common ingredient in some forms of cement, chemicals, paints, and construction material, it’s usually not readily sold as a raw material. So if you work in chemical processing, this is your lucky day!



8. Drone


While drones may seem super expensive and unattainable, you can buy your very own from sellers on the site!


9. ‘Shark power’ spray


While the label ‘shark power’ may be misleading, this spray claims to help men who have a certain problem in the bedroom…



10. Penis enlargement


This product is pretty self-explanatory…



Buy and sell almost anything you want


As you now see, ZoomTanzania allows it’s users to sell almost anything they want to interested consumers. In fact, this is why Zoom is the leading classifieds website in the country, with over 225,000 registered members and over 40,000 site visits a day. There’s something for everybody on Zoom.


So what are you waiting for?

If you need it? Zoom it!

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