10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

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Why water is life?


Most of us drink water only when we are thirsty, and assume that the water contained in foods like vegetables and fruits is all our body needs. But the reality is that over half of the world’s population is chronically dehydrated, meaning, this lot doesn’t drink enough water. And the thing is, since the human body is about 80% water, not supplying your body with enough water can lead to biochemical and electrical imbalances in your body’s function. That’s why one of the most popular health advice is to simply drink more water. In fact, here are 10 fascinating reasons why water is so important for your well-being.


  1. Healthy bones



While you may know that bones are made of Calcium, were you aware that your bones are about 50% water? As a result, you need a good amount of water to create healthy bone cells.


2. Helps with joint pain



In addition to helping your bones stay healthy, water acts as a lubricant for your joints and reduces friction, and wear and tear of the joints. That’s why if you get  muscle sores, doctors, pharmacists, and friends will usually recommend that you drink a lot of water.


3. Maintain a healthy weight



While water can’t make you lose weight, it helps regulate your metabolism – which is responsible for burning calories. Therefore, to maintain a healthy body size, it’s important that you not only eat well, but also drink plenty of water.


4. It detoxifies your body



Water helps the lymphatic system move waste material out of your body and cleanses your body of toxins that may cause illnesses.


5. Brain activity



The brain and nervous system function by sending out electrical activities to different parts of your body and water helps send these signals effectively.


6. Less likely to get a cold



The mucous membranes in the body help keep germs and viruses, which cause colds and flu, out of the body. However, if you don’t drink enough water, your nasal passages where the membranes are, dry out and become easily penetrable by foreign bacteria.


7. It helps reduce stress



Drinking water tends to soothe your body, especially, if you have a headache, joint pain, and anxiety.


8. Regulate body temperature


The hypothalamus in your brain is responsible for regulating your body temperature, and it works best when you are hydrated.


9. It helps your stool



One of the most uncomfortable side effects of dehydration is constipation. Well, water helps make your stool softer so that you can avoid this painful condition. It also helps clear waste from your body overall.


10. Water maintains your health



Water is the medium through which nutrients and food are transported to all the cells in your body, and is thus responsible for your overall health!


How much water should you drink?


Most health practitioners recommend about 8 glasses (8-ounces/glass) of water a day – so about 2 litres. However, the amount is dependent on your physical activities, weight, the temperature, what you eat, and general health. So, while you should try to drink the recommended 8 glasses, if you still feel thirsty, don’t stop yourself from drinking, even more, water!

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