10 of the Most Popular Mobile Phones in Tanzania

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We can all agree that advancements in technology have made many aspects of our lives easier. And arguably, no electronic device has influenced the lives of Tanzanians as much as cell phones.  Cell phones are used for everything from chatting on whatsapp, flaunting on Instagram, to running a small businesses with M-Pesa and watching football games on YouTube.

Whether it is a Nokia 1100, commonly known as ‘ki torch’, or the latest Iphone, Tanzanians (especially those from Dar-es-salaam) love their cell phones. In fact, a report by Reuters found that 67% of the Tanzanian population (over 30 million people) have mobile phones.

As a result, when its comes to purchasing a phone, many Tanzanians will always aim to get the best phone for their money (or at least the best knock-off).

So, can you guess what are the most popular phones in Tanzania?

Luckily, we did so that you don’t have to.

Find the latest mobile phones here.

Blackberry Z10

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Blackberry Z10

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