10 Electronics You Need in Your Home This Year

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The benefits that technological advancements have brought to people’s daily lives are undeniable. A century ago you had to wait several weeks or months for a letter to reach a loved one, now you can call, text or even Whatsapp them in seconds (with very little cost). But despite the many ways that technology has made our lives easier, the rapid pace at which it changes and develops has also created a crisis of options. Do we need every IPhone and Android update? Do we need every gadget and gizmo available to us?

Well, the obvious answer is no.

However, it’s hard to figure out what you do need when you have hundreds of electronics on the market. It can get even harder if your children are constantly pleading with you for the latest gaming system, hoverboard, IPad etc. So, answering the age-old question, “what do I really need?” can be especially daunting when it comes to technology and electronic devices.

Well, we attempted to do the hard work for you, and compiled a list of electronics that everyone should have in their home.

1. Family desktop computer

You may be wondering, “Why do I need a desktop computer when I have a laptop?”

If you work a lot from your laptop and sometimes take your work home, then working on a desktop with a larger screen can help reduce the strain on your eyes caused by staring at a tiny screen all day.

Moreover, desktop computers are also very useful for kids and guests.

For instance, when you have your friends over and they bring their children, a good way to keep the  little munchkins entertained is to let them play some games on the desktop. (They are also less likely to break it than a flimsy laptop or IPad).

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2.     Laptop/P.C

While most workplaces offer their employees (when relevant) office laptops, you most definitely need a personal laptop for school work, freelance jobs, personal browsing and other activities that may interest you, like gaming and streaming movies and TV shows.

In fact, more and more people use personal laptops rather than TVs to watch shows and movies, as they can be easily found online and many people like the convenience of being able to watch programs anywhere –  from the bed to the airplane.

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3. TV

Ok, so we just mentioned that laptops are quickly replacing TVs as the electronic device that people use to watch shows and movies the most. However, the TV is still a staple electronic that every home needs.

Think of the nights when you and your family or friends want to watch a football game, a big news event or a local comedy show, a TV is way more convenient than a laptop. Moreover, like the desktop computer it reduces the strain that the small laptop screen can cause to your eyes.

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4.     Speakers and sound system

Simply put, if you ever plan to have a successful party or entertain people at your house then you definitely need good-sounding speakers.

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5. Portable LED lantern light

Living in Tanzania, most of us are not unfamiliar with power cuts. However, not everyone can afford a generator or solar panels (though they are some affordable options out there). As a result, a portable LED lantern is a lifesaver for the nights when the power does cut, or your LUKU runs out! Its battery power lasts for a very long time, ensuring that you can still read, cook, and see in the dark.

6.     Microwave

University students, young bachelors and bachelorettes may use the microwave more than their gas or electric stove. The microwave is a great electronic device for those with a busy lifestyle and with little time to cook.

Nevertheless, the microwave is not just for heating up fast foods like pizza and KFC chicken. It can also be used to boil water, cook eggs, defrost meat and vegetables, make popcorn and so much more. So it comes in handy even if you are cooking on your stove, as it can heat up certain food items very quickly.

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7.     Home security camera

If you are going to have all of these electronics and gadgets in your home, you better make sure you have adequate security measures in place. While having a security system may seem over the top and expensive, there are many affordable options out there. Moreover, this is worth the cost as it is a good way to keep track of what goes on in your home when you are not there and also discourages the kids from being too naughty!

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8. Refrigerator

While we live in the golden-age of scientific discovery, we aren’t at the point where we have figured out how to prevent all fresh produce from rotting (at least this isn’t for sale in Tanzania yet). So we still need refrigerators to store food and prevent it from going bad – especially because of the hot Tanzanian climate.

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9.     Power bank

Like the portable LED light a power bank is useful for those moments when you don’t have a reliable power source, but need to charge your phone. It’s a perfect gadget to have with you when you travel or haven’t had electricity in your house for a couple of hours or even days.

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10.  Spare mobile phone

Now you didn’t think we’d forget about the most treasured electronic most of us own right?

In addition to your personal mobile phone, it’s useful to have a  spare one for home use and emergencies like when you lose your phone. It can be an inexpensive model that performs the basic functions of texting, calling and internet browsing.

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Honorable mentions:

11.  Gaming system (X-box, PSP etc.)

A gaming system is not just a great way to entertain kids, but can also be enjoyed by you and your friends. However, be careful and don’t spend too much time on it, go outside once in awhile!

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12.  Google chromecast

Are you tired of paying for expensive TV programing providers? Then the chromecast may be the solution you need. It’s simply like having access to the Internet on your Television. You can access YouTube, your email, and other streaming websites that have all your favorite TV shows, movies and music videos. Not only can you control what you watch and when you watch it, but you will have access to shows that might have not yet aired on your TV programming provider, or be up to date. (But you have to have a reliable source of internet for this to work well).

Invest in the long term

Technology is always changing, so purchasing all the latest gadgets without evaluating our need for them is a waste of money as there will always be something new and better around the corner. So, before you purchase electronic devices think about the value they will add to your lifestyle in the long-run.

Remember, electronics should make our lives easier and more pleasant, and not stress us out by being useless in a couple of months.

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