10 Best Laptops to Buy for Personal Use and Work

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Nowadays, like with most electronics, the options for laptops are practically unlimited. While this means that you are likely to find a decent laptop that suits your budget and needs, the process of finding one amongst the endless options can get a bit overwhelming. From notebooks to chromebooks, Macbook to Dell, how do you ensure that you make the right decision?

There are a number of things you need to consider when buying a laptop:

The cost:

You don’t want to be too cheap and buy a laptop that will only last for a year, but you also don’t have to buy a $3000 laptop that you will only be using for work/school-unless (you can afford it).

All in all, your budget should be in-line with your expectations and use of the laptop. So, if you only have $500 and mostly need a laptop to do some light work and check emails, then getting a notebook makes sense. But if you are a graphic designer or freelance writer who will be using the laptop as their main workstation, then you should invest more money in a laptop with a big screen, faster processor, and more creative software.

User friendliness:

This is pretty self-explanatory, you want a laptop that is easy to use or to learn how to use. A complicated laptop can quickly become frustrating if you don’t actually need all the advanced tools.

Battery life:

This mostly depends on how often you will be on your laptop. For instance, if your laptop will be your primary workstation then it is best to opt for a laptop with a high battery life.

Travelling light:

If you will be moving around a lot with your laptop, then carrying a heavy laptop will become burdensome at some point. However, if you will mostly keep your laptop at home or in your office, then the weight will not affect you much.

The processor:

Basically, laptops that lean towards the more expensive side tend to have great processors. While really cheap laptops have slow processors that with time cause problems such as lagging, screen freezing, software errors, and computer failure.

So now that you know some of the factors to consider when buying a laptop, here is a list of 10 best laptops to buy for work and personal.

1. The Dell XPS 13

Dell is the most common laptop brand in Tanzania and so it’s no wonder that this is on the list. The Dell XPS has an amazing battery life, great keyboard and trackpad similar to that of the Macbook Air but less expensive.

Price ranges from USD$900-$1200 depending on the type of processor.

2. Asus ZenBook UX305

At an amazing price of USD$600-$750 depending on the processor, the ZenBook is ultra light, has a long battery life and is extremely user-friendly.

Currently, the ASUS is also on a rise in Tanzania and uses the latest processor; Core M.

3. Macbook Air (13 inches)

When it comes to apple products, we always know to expect a hefty price. But, the MacBook Air is the cheapest apple laptop with the best quality.

It’s extremely light, thin and great for number crunching and personal use because of the awesome user interface effects.

Starting at a price of USD$800-$1200. This is a great bargain for an apple laptop.

4.      Dell Inspiron 3542

Although it is on the heavier side, the dell inspiron is a great budget laptop that offers a good battery life, user friendliness, and an amazing keyboard.

This laptop ranges from USD $600- $700.

5.      Lenovo Thinkpad T460 (14-inch)

If a long battery life is what you are after then look no further than the ThinkPad T460. This laptop is great for work, as it also is incredibly durable and user-friendly (plus, the keyboard design is great).

6.     Macbook Pro (Retina display)

If you are ready to make a large financial investment on a laptop, it should probably be the Macbook Pro with retina display. This laptop is just hands down awesome in every aspect that counts: a 12-hour battery life, amazing processor, the best user interface a laptop can offer and it also happens to be on the lighter side. The performance of this laptop can’t be beaten.

7.     Acer Aspire Cloudbook

This is one of the cheapest windows 10 laptop that offers a lot for the low price. With a good performance, long battery life and the latest Intel power unit, you can get the Aspire for as low as USD$200.

8.     Microsoft Surface Pro 3

While you may be hesitant to purchase a tablet for use as a laptop, the Surface Pro 3 is a great option if you are looking for a light on-the-go laptop with extensive features at a decent price. The kickstand makes it easy to set-up and use; the battery life is good and the user interface is amazing. The only drawback is that you have to purchase the keyboard separately.

With the keyboard, the total cost comes to about USD$1000.

9. HP Spectre X360

Tanzanians loooove HP, and for good reason.  The Spectre X360 has a sleek and stylish design that  can be converted from laptop to tablet mode. It also has excellent speakers, Core i5 processor, and great storage.

It’s a really good deal at USD$900.

10.    Lenovo Yoga 900

The Lenovo is a full package deal laptop. It has amazing features, great battery life and critics love the keyboard. The best thing is that it can bend into various angles (hence the name yoga) including that of a tablet. Its thin light-weightness makes it the perfect laptop for presentations, travel, business use and personal use.  This amazing laptop comes at a great price of USD$1020.

Get your own laptop today

Now that you have a selection of the best laptops for different needs at different price points, find the one that is right for you here.

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