10 Affordable Car Accessories That Make Your Car Cool

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Did you ever watch the reality TV Show, P$mp My Ride?

In the show, ordinary people’s ugly and boring cars get transformed into beautiful and somewhat over the top rides with unique paint jobs, custom rims, TV sets, leather seats and more.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone knocked on your door and offered to customize your car for free? Well, while the chances of this happening are slim to none. However, there are cost-effective ways to make your car look cooler.

In fact, there are several affordable and easy to find car accessories that will instantly help your car stand out and make all your friends want you to drive them home.

1. Add speakers:

Adding external speakers to your sound system will not only improve the quality of sound from your radio and other audio devices like mobile phones that you connect to your sound system, it will also make your car the ultimate party ride when going out with friends.

2. Get a new paint job:

There’s nothing that can make a car appear new and fresh faster than a paint job. While this isn’t the cheapest thing to do, it’ll increase the value of your car once you are ready to sell it. Make sure to pick a cool and sophisticated colour like black or red to make your car even cooler. However, avoid customizing with art like flames, waves, rainbows etc, as this can make your car look tacky and become difficult to sell in the future.

Bonus tip: If you simply can’t afford a new paint job, get your car polished and waxed to give it a shiny, glossy look.

3. Dip your rims:

We’ve all heard of rappers talk about their car rims in the rap songs. However, most of us don’t have the money to get gold encrusted or shiny silver rims to show off. However, what you can do is buy some Plasti-Dip and spray your rims black or any other colour that’s available. Plasti Dip is a rubbery and colored coating that can be sprayed, brushed or dipped into your rims to give it a new layer.

You can find Plasti Dip at auto parts shops or a full-service garage.

4. Change your steering wheel cover:

Getting a steering wheel cover will add a touch of personality to a very functional part of your car.

Bonus tip: If you have money to spare, make sure it’s a leather cover.

5. Replace your shift knob:

In addition to getting new steering wheel covers, also get a new shift knob or shift cover in the same or similar style as the steering wheel. This will make your car look coordinated and sharp.

Bonus tip: Also get new floor mats and seat covers that match the style of the shift knob and wheel cover.

6. Tint your windows:

Window tinting is an inexpensive way to add an air of mystery to your ride. In addition to looking cool, it gives you privacy and protects you from being easily identified by people outside your car.

7. Exterior lighting:

Adding more lights not only helps you see better at night but gives your car a cool ‘Batman’ look in the dark.

8. Security system/alarm

There is no use having all these cool car accessories if they can easily be stolen or damaged. Protect all your new stuff with a reliable alarm system.

9. Add a small portable cooler or refrigerator

Put a small refrigerator in the compartment between the front seats of your car. This will allow you to chill your drinks at all time, which is perfect for Tanzania’s hot weather.

10.  Customized plate number

You can’t personalize car more than to get a custom plate number. It’s inexpensive and is a nice personal touch that will make your car, truly yours.

Be cool and functional

Pair personality and functionality by adding car accessories that increase the value of your car and improve your experience as a driver.  Avoid accessories like large grills that may harm other vehicles and increase motoring costs (weight makes car use more energy to move).

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