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Tanzania Fish Processors Ltd was incorporated in October 1992 as a Limited Liability Company in Mwanza, Tanzania, with the objective of processing and exporting Nile Perch Fillets.

The company commenced semi-processing of Nile Perch for export to Kenya during 1993 and full fledged processing for export world-wide in September 1994. It is the largest processor of Nile Perch in this region with an installed capacity of 15,000 MT of fish fillet per annum.

Processing of Fish
Once Fresh Fish is brought into the Factory, procedures and steps are undertaken to ensure the final products for export.

Traceability forms are inspected
Quality checks are performed
Washing of whole fish
Filleting, de-boning and removal of offal.
Removal of belly flaps
Chilling in ice and potable water slurry
Trimming of the Fillets as per order specification
Grading of fillets.

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