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StaffCheck provides information and background checks to employers in Africa. Whether you are a large organisation, small local employer or individual, StaffCheck reduces the worries and uncertainties behind hiring a prospective new employee by allowing you to verify that persons' background and employment history. StaffCheck gives you peace of mind knowing that the person you are hiring is truthful and honest, giving you greater confidence and control over the recruitment process. By making informed decisions you can hire the right people, saving money and time as well as protecting your business.
StaffCheck is unique in that the information it contains is contributed to by employers themselves. By joining and uploading the information and personal details of your employees you are helping to create a database accessed by thousands of businesses and thereby collectively reducing the number of applicants who are dishonest or untruthful to employers.


Employers rely on good quality CVs in order to be able to filter applications and also to make informed decisions. CVs that has a full and well-connected with employment history will rank you higher than one that is thin and incomplete.

The more time that an employee has been in the employment market place the more informed his CVs can be. Employment history is like a fine wine, experience counts for a lot and better still, employment that has been verified as true and accurate has tangible value. Any employee who has a history is doing himself a low esteem by not making that lineage of experience easily available to a potential employers.

Therefore, as an employee it is in your interest to ensure that your employment details are available on the Staff Check database.


The most important and expensive asset to maintain in any business is people. Applications, CV's and references received from candidates may not always be entirely truthful. StaffCheck provides a cost effective, easy to access and reliable database providing details of previous employers and qualifications of prospective candidates.

An invaluable resource, StaffCheck helps businesses to reduce risk and be confident in the knowledge that the people they are hiring are reliable and trustworthy.

StaffCheck helps you to get the recruitment decisions right, first time. You can reduce your exposure to the following risks by using StaffCheck:

* Theft

* Un-necessary cost from hiring and training unsuitable candidates

* High staff turnover

* Reputation damage

Other benefits of becoming a member of StaffCheck include:

* Quick access to a cost effective and reliable database

* A secure and easy to use system

* A professional and value for money service to assist any human resources department

Go to the login page to register as a new member or login to do a search.

StaffCheck ensures that the information provided by you is stored lawfully and with concern for confidentiality. All employee data and personal information is treated with the utmost respect and not shared with any parties beyond individual searches made by registered site members.

Access to data is restricted in line with best practice international data protection. Details of the guidelines, regulations and laws that StaffCheck adheres to can be seen under Privacy Policy.

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