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Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer specializes in producing and exporting Organic Hyper phosphate+ in both powder and granule forms.

Minjingu Mines & Fertilizer Ltd offers you an opportunity to learn on a first hand basis as to why Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ is an effective solution to reverse the ever decreasing farm yields due to infertile soils. Our distributors and clients will agree that it pays to use Organic Hyper Phosphate+ because the product is unique and effective.

Much more than just phosphate Fertilizer

Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ is a high grade and reactive Natural Fertilizer. Unlike chemical phosphate fertilizers that mostly contain only the P element, Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ has many desirable features. It is rich in minerals such as Silica and Calcium, ensures all year round P availability, and encourages beneficial soil microorganism population growth. More productive soil is the result of using Organic phosphat

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