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Failure is a Perspective

Failure is an opportunity to succeed. You may have read or heard different authors and dictionaries define failure differently but from my personal life experience and from the lives of many people including those who made history the scientists, poets, iconic leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers etc I have invented a new and practical definition of failure and that is failure is an opportunity to succeed.

Everything in life is a perspective and that perspective is what determines how you live your life and how you give meaning to things in life. What did you know when you were young? how did you know that what you slept on was a bed? how did you know that what you were eating was food? actually you knew that because someone told you so and the one who taught you the same learned it somewhere because at a particular point in time, someone somewhere decided to give meaning to food and paper and bed and everything you see, feel and touch. The same way to failure. Who told you that not being able to meet your goal is failure? and who told you that being able to meet your goal is success? who told you that not going to university is failure and graduating with A class is a success? these questions look funny and odd but are very fundamental questions to ask ourselves in order to build our own perspective of the so called failure and how that perspective can change our life for better. So let us think in an opposite direction for a while.

The nature of failure

The nature of life gives everyone an opportunity to be a child. In my life I have never heard someone who was once an adult and grows backward to become a child. Growing up as a child you start learning so many things mostly taught to us by the people who raise us up including parents and teachers. Our families and schools of course, nowadays peers and media; televisions, radio, the internet and social media introduced us to standards which we are expected to behave according to and the same standards which measure our performance as children in different areas of life. At a certain age for example a child is expected to start speaking or standing up or walking and not being able to achieve that standard its considered a failure. I remember when I started my primary education back n 1988 while at first grade, I was introduced to the world of grades. When we were given exams for example, our results were categorised into A, B, C, D and E where as whoever could not make it to a particular level especially E was considered a failure. Because of those standards therefore students who attained A level performance were considered excellent, B level performance were considered Very Good, C level performance were considered Good, D level performance were considered Fair and E level performance were considered Failure. In the school I was teachers would call for an assembly and list all the students from the first to the last in accordance to their grades. That is in academic but it’s the same model that’s applicable in every facets of life in business, sports, career, social and leadership life. It’s the standards we or the society has set for us that defines our failure or success in life. May be an important question to ponder at this juncture is; reflecting back your life from childhood to adulthood, in what cases were you considered a failure, what were the standards, who did set the standards and what were the essence of those standards?

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