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Request for Proposal (RFP): Guarding Services for the Tanzania PS3 Project Office in Dar es Salaam


The Tanzania Sector System Strengthening (PS3) project, an Abt Associates programme sponsored by USAID, is soliciting proposals for the provision of guard services in support of our project operations in Tanzania, as follows:

Project office in Masaki, Dar es Salaam
The Project Office has approximately thirty permanent staff on a daily basis, and may have up to seven additional staff and guests on site during certain times.

Abt Associates intends to issue a purchase order based on specific start dates as outlined by lots in the financial proposal requirements.

This RFP does not obligate Abt to issue a Purchase Order nor does it commit Abt to pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of the proposals. Furthermore, Abt reserves the right to reject any and all offers, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of Abt.

Offer Deadline:

The deadline for receiving proposals is February 10, 2017. Offerors shall submit their proposals electronically by email only to:

Abt Associates/Finance and Contract Manager, Beth Tomala and
Finance and Administrative Director, Bernard Kilembe

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received in accordance with the instructions stated herein. Late offers may be considered at Abt’s sole discretion. Abt does not guarantee that late offers will be considered.

Submission of Offers:

Separate technical and cost proposals must be submitted by email no later than the time and date specified in the delivery of proposals (section 2). The proposals must be submitted to the point of contact designated in the introduction under Offer Deadline.

The Offeror must submit the proposal electronically with up to [4] attachments per email compatible with MS Word, MS Excel, readable format, or Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format in a Microsoft XP environment. Offerors must not submit zipped files. Those pages requiring original manual signatures should be scanned and sent in PDF format as an email attachment.


To be determined responsive, an offer must include all of documents and sections included in section 2 and address all items listed in the scope of work (section 4).

General Requirements

Security companies tendering for this contract must be in compliance with local law and duly registered to conduct business within Tanzania.

Required Proposal Documents
Cover Letter, including the following information:
i. Name of the company or organization
ii. Type of company or organization
iii. Address
iv. Telephone
v. Fax
vi. E-mail
vii. Full names of members of the Board of Directors and Legal Representative (if applicable)
viii. TIN and VRN Numbers
ix. Official bank account information
x. Other required documents that shall be included as attachments to the cover letter:

a) Copy of registration or incorporation in the public registry, or equivalent document from the government office where the Offeror is registered.
b) Copy of company tax registration, or equivalent document.
c) Copy of trade license, or equivalent document.

The requirements for the Proposals are fully outlined under the following paragraph headings:

  1. Tendering Conditions

  2. Delivery of Tenders/ Award of Contract

  3. Evaluation and Basis of Award

  4. Scope of Work
    5 Special Conditions

  5. Tendering Conditions:

    All received tenders will be assessed on a competitive basis. The security provider who demonstrates a proven track record of professionalism, resourcefulness and business initiative and who meets all of the requirements laid out in the RFP will be awarded the contract.

    Should all tenders meet the specified requirements, competitive contractual pricing will be taken into account. The winning bid will be determined based on a combination of price, quality of service as described in the proposal and the proposed scope of work for the property. The submitted tender should, therefore, clearly outline:

    A. Technical Proposal: The technical proposal shall comprise the following parts:
    • Part 1: A detailed Technical approach that outlines your proposed security measures and addresses the following topics, as clarified further in the Scope of Work included in Section 4 (below):
    • Guard Personnel Requirements
    • Guard Equipage
    • Guard Responsibilities
    • Guard Ethics

    In addition, you must include details of the following:
    • Type and extent of liability insurance the security provider has in place.
    • How the following guarding contingencies are catered for:
    ? Rest days
    ? Holiday pay
    ? Sickness
    ? Injury
    ? Any other guard relief system in place
    ? Alternating guards between day and night shifts

    • Part 2: Management and Key Personnel. This part may not exceed 2 pages. CVs for key personnel may be included in an annex to the technical proposal and will not count against the page limit.

    • Part 3: Corporate Capabilities, Experience, and Past Performance and References. This part may not exceed 5 pages.

    Part 3 must include a description of the company and organization, with appropriate reference to any parent company and subsidiaries. Offerors must include details demonstrating their experience and technical ability in implementing the technical approach/methodology and the detailed work plan. Additionally, offerors must include 3 past performance references of similar work (under contracts or subcontracts) previously implemented as well as contact information for the companies for which such work was completed. Contact information must include at a minimum: name of point of contact who can speak to the offeror’s performance, name and address of the company for which the work was performance, and email and phone number of the point of contact.

    Abt reserves the right to check additional references not provided by an offeror.

    The sections of the technical proposal stated above must respond to the detailed information set out in the scope of work of this RFP, which provides the background, states the scope of work, describes the deliverables, and provides a deliverables schedule.

    B. Cost Proposal:

    The cost proposal is used to determine which proposals represent the best value and serves as a basis of negotiation before award. The cost proposal will include all costs associated with implementation of the technical proposal.

    The price awarded will be an all-inclusive fixed price. No profit, fees, taxes, or additional costs can be added after award. Nevertheless, for the purpose of the proposal, offerors must provide a budget with major line items such as daily fees.

    The cost proposal shall also include a budget narrative that explains the basis for the estimate of each line item. Supporting information must be provided in sufficient detail to allow for a complete analysis of each cost element or line item. Abt reserves the right to request additional cost information if the evaluation committee has concerns of the reasonableness, realism, or completeness of an offeror’s proposed cost.

    If it is an offeror’s regular practice to budget indirect rates, e.g. overhead, fringe, G&A, administrative, or other rate, Offerors must explain the rates and the rates’ base of application in the budget narrative. Abt reserves the right to request additional information to substantiate an Offeror’s indirect rates.

    Under no circumstances may cost information be included in the technical proposal. No cost information or any prices, whether for deliverables or line items, may be included in the technical proposal. Cost information must only be shown in the cost proposal.

    Cost Proposals must include the following elements:

    • Monthly costs for a 12 month period.
    • Basic guarding costs.
    • Any Administrative costs and/or taxes
    • Method of payment.

    Herewith the site to be included in your proposal:
    Name Location No. of Guards Requested Start Date
    Abt Associate/PS3 Dar es Salaam Office Plot # 1486, Mwaya Street, Msasani Peninsula , Kinondoni Municipality, POB 32444, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
    Office T:+
    Fax + 1 day/2 night 1/3/2017

    The submitted tenders will be assessed in keeping with Abt Associates/PS3 procurement rules. The winning bidder and unsuccessful bidders will be notified immediately after the assessment phase. It is stressed that the Abt Associates/ PS3 decision to hire a particular security provider is not open to challenge by unsuccessful bidders.

    On notification of the tender award, the security provider must immediately provide Abt Associates/PS3 with their contractual documentation.

    The winning bidder or bidders will be awarded an initial fixed price 12 months PO, renewable subject to performance and subject to termination at any time in the event of misconduct or breach of contract. Payments will be made monthly and paid in Tanzanian Shillings.

    For the first 3 months of the contract the selected security provider will serve a probationary period. Should the security provider after due warning not meet expectations during the first three months of the contract period, Abt Associates/PS3 reserves the right to terminate the security provider on a one month notice basis. The above caveats must be inserted in the guarding contract submitted to Abt Associates by the winning bidder.

    Validity Period
    Offerors’ proposals must remain valid for 60 calendar days after the proposal deadline.

  6. Delivery of Tenders/ Award of Contract:

    It is important to note that Abt Associates/PS3 has a pressing need to place professional guards at its project office. All proposals, therefore, must reach the Abt Associates/PS3 project office by no later than close of business (COB) on February 10, 2017.

    The security provider awarded the contract will be informed by e mail or telephone by February 15, 2017. The successful bidder should be prepared to place guards on the Abt Associates/ PS3 offices as scheduled.

    Any questions regarding the above or any other part of this RFP should be directly addressed to Beth Tomala and Bernard Kilembe at the above e-mail address.

  7. Evaluation and Basis for Award:

    An award will be made to the offeror whose proposal is determined to be responsive to this solicitation document, meets the eligibility criteria stated in this RFP, meets the technical, management/personnel, and corporate capability requirements, and is determined to represent the best value to Abt.

    This RFP will use the tradeoff process to determine best value. That means that each proposal will be evaluated and scored against the evaluation criteria and evaluation sub-criteria, which are stated in the table below. Cost proposals are not assigned points, but for overall evaluation purposes of this RFP, technical evaluation factors other than cost, when combined, are considered approximately equal to cost factors. If technical scores are determined to be equal or nearly equal, cost will become the determining factor.

    In evaluating proposals, Abt will use the following evaluation criteria:
    Evaluation Criteria Maximum Points
    Technical Approach, Methodology and Detailed Work Plan
    Technical know-how 20 points
    Approach and Methodology
    Special Conditions as addressed in section 9 20 points
    20 points
    Total Points – Technical Approach 60 points
    Key Personnel
    Personnel Qualifications 20 points
    Total Points – Management 20 points
    Corporate Capabilities, Experience, and Past Performance
    Company Background and Experience 20 points
    Total Points – Corporate Capabilities 20 points
    Total Points 100 points

    Best offer proposals are requested. It is anticipated that an award will be made solely on the basis of the original offers received. However, Abt reserves the right to request clarifications prior to award. Furthermore, Abt reserves the right to conduct a competitive range and to limit the number of offerors in the competitive range to permit an efficient evaluation environment among the most highly-rated proposals. Highest-rated offerors, as determined by the technical evaluation committee, may be asked to submit their best prices or technical responses during a competitive range. If deemed an opportunity, Abt reserves the right to make separate awards per component or to make no award at all.

  8. Scope of Work
    General Scope of Work:

    a. The general requirement (SOW) is to provide overall security services to the Abt Association/ PS3 project office
    • Posted guards will be required to provide access control and 24/7 protection to the office and all assets contained therein. To facilitate this, one to two uniformed unarmed guards each working 12 hour shifts are needed. The selected security provider would be responsible for administrating and supervising all aspects of their posted guards. However, Abt Associates/PS3 project can also input feedback to the guard service regarding specific post orders to include visitor access control protocol, frequency of perimeter patrols, vehicular entrance into compound (when applicable), etc. The selected security provider would also be responsible for providing constant oversight/supervision to the posted guards, as well as be capable of providing a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) sometimes referred to as a MRF (Mobile Reaction Force), or additional security reinforcements, to support their guards in the event of an emergency occurring at the office. The selected security provider must also provide training and familiarize guards with protocol for emergency incidents (fire, break-ins, etc.). The point of contact and chain of command for contact should be well-known to the guard force.

    b. Guard Personnel Requirements:

    The following requirements must be met:
    ? The guards must have successfully completed a basic guard training course, preferably of at least 2 weeks duration. The course training curriculum should be submitted with the bid.
    ? The guards must be personable, and fluent in spoken and written English. They must be capable of maintaining security logs and submitting occurrence/incident reports as needed.
    ? In keeping with due diligence, the security provider must have a personnel vetting process in place and proof of this must also be submitted along with the bid document.

    c. Guard Equipage:

    The guards must always be smartly turned out and properly equipped. It is incumbent upon the security provider to ensure, therefore, that the guards are dressed and equipped as follows:

    ? Head gear
    ? Shirt Tunic visibly showing company emblem
    ? Trousers
    ? Boots
    ? Belt
    ? Baton for personal protection
    ? Means of raising an alarm (whistle or other)
    ? Flashlight
    ? Company ID card
    ? Emergency communications (mobile phone or VHF radio hand set)
    ? Pocket notebook/pen
    ? To ensure the guards are always cleanly turned out, they must be issued with at least two sets of uniform.

    d. Guard Responsibilities

    Daily responsibilities for each guard while on duty will be outlined in a set of detailed “Post Orders” provided by the client and modified from time to time as necessary, based on local threats and conditions. Post Orders will be coordinated with the Company and briefed to each guard. With Company concurrence these Post Orders will be incorporated into and become obligations under the terms of the contract awarded. Post Orders will include, but not be limited to:

    (1) Physical security of office and/or residence premises
    (2) Visitor access control policies
    (3) Patrolling
    (4) Fire safety and First-Aid
    (5) Incident response and emergency communications
    (6) Inspection of staff security procedures (locking classified document containers, securing areas after hours, etc.)
    (7) Incident report logs
    (8) Search of visiting vehicles

    e. Guard Ethics
    Guards must note the following:

    • You must always be on time to assume your duties.
    • Never leave your post unattended (if you are sick you must inform your supervisor so that a relief can be arranged).
    • You must NOT sleep on duty.
    • You must NOT come to duty intoxicated or consume alcohol while on duty.
    • You must at all times, remain courteous and polite to all staff and visitors.
    • You must not attempt to search any staff member or visitor without first obtaining permission from the Abt Associates/ PS3 COP or his designate.
    • You must not harass any staff member or visitor.
    • Should you have to use force to defend yourself or to restrain/detain someone, you must only use the minimum force necessary. Only use your baton as a last resort.
    • You must carry out the duties and responsibilities outlined in these orders.

    Any personnel failing to adhere to the above requirements may be immediately dismissed by Abt Associates without recourse or protest on the part of the service provider.

  9. Special Conditions

    Preference will be given to those security providers who can provide:
    ? A QRF/MRF in each location
    ? A regular guard supervisory service.
    ? Post orders (an example should be submitted with the bid)
    ? Guards with first aid and fire fighting qualifications (certificates should be submitted with the bid.
    ? A capacity to provide and maintain technical security equipment. Certification /qualifications of technical personnel should be submitted with the bid.

    Bernard Kilembe | Finance and Administration Manager
    Abt Associates Inc/PS3 | Plot # 1486 | Mwaya Street | Msasani Peninsula
    POB 32444 | Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
    Office T:+|Fax + | C: 255.784.601.235

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