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Why Advertise With

With over 5 years’ in the Tanzania digital marketplace, ZoomTanzania has firmly established itself at the forefront of the digital evolution in Tanzania. Each month, receives over 610,000 visits, from more than 200,000 unique/different users who spend an average of 9.5 minutes per visit and view over 3.7 million pages of content!

From 2011 to 2012, TZ internet users grew by an incredible 30% to over 7.5 million users (~17% of the total population). Internet usage is one of the best indicators of the middle and professional classes who have significantly higher than average education and disposable income. Rapid growth is expected to continue!

ZoomTanzania is dedicated to all things digital and we provide a full scope of products and services to assist companies large and small in their quest to modernize and serve a maturing market that EXPECT to engage product and service providers online.

ZoomTanzania Products and Services

Basic Business Listings

Basic Business Listings

Basic “text only” business listings are free of charge.

Although Featured business listings get much more attention and traffic, every business should at least have a free basic business listing.

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Featured Business Listings

Featured Business Listings

Featured Business Listings are the best way for businesses to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. They are valid for 1-year (365 days from the date they start showing live on the website) and should be renewed annually.

Using a simple micro-site format that you can edit and update from anywhere at any time, potential customers have quick and easy access to your marketing literature, photo gallery, contact and location information as well as multiple opportunities to engage your business via email, website and your social media pages.

Each week, featured business listings receive over 10,000 viewings and thousands of email inquiries from potential customers.

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Mail Shots

Mail Shots Email / Direct Marketing

With over 95,000 active professional subscribers, nearly 3X the circulation of TZ’s largest newspaper, the ZoomTanzania email list is the largest, most prestigious and most effective email marketing tool in Tanzania!

The list is comprised of the middle and senior management at the many thousands of companies listed on the website, and other professional account holders who post events, job vacancies, and auto, real estate & buy sell classifieds.

Access to the list is limited and only businesses with an active and relevant Featured Business Listing may purchase mail shots.

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Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

Most banner advertising on (and many other great Tanzania websites) is managed by PinPoint Africa Media. You can choose to traffic your banner ad to any combination of the sites in the PinPoint Digital Advertising Network. Please visit the PinPoint Africa Media website for more information about adverting on multiple websites.

If you want your company to stand out among your competitors, you can also choose to sponsor a specific section or category of content on ZoomTanzania and have your banner ad appear exclusively on those pages 100% of the time.

Content Sponsorship Examples

Potential Sponsor Content to Sponsor
Cement or Paint Manufacturer "Real Estate" section
Furniture Store "Home & Garden" section of business directory
Recruitment Agency "Jobs & Employment" section
Printing Company "Printing, Signs & Desktop Publishing" category

Content sponsorship rates are dependent on the popularity and historical monthly traffic to the page(s) you want to sponsor. Ask a sales representative for more information about this option.

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Website Design & Development

Strategy, Design, Development

Every professional company should have a professional, attractive, well organized and up-to-date website that accurately reflects the current state of your business, particularly your products and services!

All of our website projects include:

Detailed scoping meeting with management to identify exactly how a website can streamline the sales and communication processes.
Custom Content Management System (CMS) designed specifically for your business’ needs. With no special skills at all, your own staff will be able to create, edit, publish and delete pages to keep your website up to date at all times.
Responsive design – which means your website will display properly regardless of whether it is being viewed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
Effective on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your business has the best possible chance of showing well in Google Search Results.

If you want an engaging and interactive website that is much more than an online brochure, then we encourage you to contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss your business’ website needs.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is why some websites show on the first page of Google search results and some do not. Every business should show when the user searches for the company by name. But what about the much more common generic search terms that generate NEW BUSINESS such as “Office Furniture”, “Cheap Laptops”, “Large Format Printing”, “Tax Consultant”, “Wedding Caterer”, “Office Supplies”, “Electrical Contractor”, etc…

There is no better way to get new business inquiries than to have a quality website that shows well for key search terms related to your business.

Ask us about our $1,000 Google Search Results First Page Guarantee.

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