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Blogs have been at the forefront of the internet revolution in East Africa and are an extremely important media in Tanzania.  Tanzania has many popular blogs on a wide variety of topics, and most are in Swahili.  Below, we have attempted to identify the most popular blogs by category. 
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Tanzania's Number One Blog


Issa Michuzi logo
The Michuzi Blog is the pioneer blog in Tanzania. After only six years on air, the Michuzi Blog is not only the most popular blog in Tanzania; it is the most read Kiswahili blog on earth. In it you will find an eclectic mix of content including: news issues not covered anywhere else, political discussions and debates, entertainment news and much more. The Michuzi Blog is widely accepted to be the best blog platform for Tanzanian’s to exchange views, share news and provide comments. 

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Arts & Culture Blogs in Tanzania


Candle Heart Blog
Candle Heart Blog is run by Shama Jaffer, a self taught artist who believes in building a network for Tanzanian artists of all mediums and styles. The blog supports local artists by promoting their work locally and internationally and educating and encouraging creativity within the community. 

This Blog is in English

Entertainment Blogs in Tanzania


Bongo Flavor Blog logo
Bongo Flavortz Blog is dedicated to promoting Bongo Flava music and musicians.  The site is a popular among Bongo Flava fans around the world.  Interesting features include an automatic playlist of the singles currently at the top of the charts and news with photos & videos where site visitors are invited to post their views and comments.


Cheka Vichekesho logo
Cheka Vichekesho is a famous Tanzania Swahili jokes blog. It is highly visited, and a great source of humour and jokes that will make you laugh and enjoy your day. Visit Cheka Vichekesho today and you will return every day.


Wanamuziki Tanzania Blog logo
Wanamuziki wa Tanzania Blog is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Tanzanian music.  The blog provides in depth information on the history of Tanzania music and musicians.   The blog also promotes the activities of several traditional Tanzanian music groups and musicians. 


John Kitime Blog logo
John Kitime Blog is a blog that keeps Tanzanian musicians and their fans informed about the rights of the Tanzanian Musicians. It features latest news and developments on all issues pertaining the rights of the Tanzanian Musicians.


Wananjeje (Kilimanjaro Band) Blog logo
The Wananjenje Blog is produced by John Kitime, the founding member of the Wananjenje Band.  This blog is a primary source of information and activities about older Tanzanian bands such as the Kilimanjaro Band and others that play the “oldies”.is a blog that keeps Tanzanian musicians and their fans informed about the rights of the Tanzanian Musicians. It features latest news and developments on all issues pertaining the rights of the Tanzanian Musicians.


Ramoursnet Blog
Ramoursnet Blog is an eclectic blog focused onbreaking entertainment news and gossip from around the world.  The Blog is published in Arusha by Ramour Shamsi.


King Kapita Blog
The King Kapita Blog is a popular blog focused on entertainment news, with a particular emphasis on the Bongo Flava scene and new releases.  This blog is the passionate creation of Ericque Kisai, an IT student at the Institute of Finance Management and is updated frequently.


Hassbaby Blog
Hassbaby's(Mapacha) is a Tanzanian Music and lifestyle blog that promotes Artists and their work. You can download demo Swahili Tanzania mp3 and Swahili Lyrics. You can also get updates and details about all party events here in Tanzania. This blog was develop and is maintained by Abby Hass.

Travel & Tourism Blogs in Tanzania


Tembea Tanzania logo
Tembea Tanzania is Tanzania's first Kiswahili travel & tourism blog. A blog that is dedicated in providing news about various destination within Tanzania - how to get there, what to do & see while you are there and many more.


I Love Tanzania logo
I Love Tanzania is dedicated to promoting Tanzania tourism. It promotes Tanzania world wide and also does a great job in promoting domestic tourism, believing in the spirit of “Charity Begins at Home”. Tanzania -  the Land of Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar!

This Blog is in English

News & Current Events


Fununuhabari Blog logo
Fununu blog is a unique blog bringing you a wide range of entertainment news, information, business news from across Tanzania and the rest of the world. It features the latest news and development issues pertaining from all sectors in Tanzania.


Kajuna Son Blog logo
Kajunason blog is a Tanzanian information blog that has been operating for the last 3 years covering hard news, events, personalities and anything positive happening in Tanzania.  It is in Swahili targeting a Swahili speaking audience. Our team of professional journalists ensure that you get the most current and reliable information in Tanzania.


Tutoke Media logo
Tutoke Media Blog is the creation of Erique Mgema, owner of Tutoke Media & Advertising.  Inside you will find music & photo sharing, news updates about sports, entertainment and celebrities, and the latest gossip.  Tutoke also promotes Tanzania Tourism and its many natural attractions.   "Tutoke Media - It’s All About Information"

Wedding & Kitchen Party Blogs in Tanzania


Mrisho Photography logo
Mrisho's Photography is produced by Mrisho, a popular wedding photographer in Dar es Salaam.  Mrisho Blog hosts photos & announcements of recent weddings, and is popular among prospective brides looking for tips & ideas to plan their wedding.

This Blog is in English

Computer & Technology Blogs in Tanzania


KnowCache logo
Knowcache is a Tanzanian Information Technology blog for students, professionals, institutions, companies and investors. Within the site you will read various IT based posts aim at giving people news and knowledge. By visiting the site you will also get awareness on various IT companies and institutions with the products and services offered by them. 

This Blog is in English

Business Blogs in Tanzania

Education & School Blogs in Tanzania

Fashion & Beauty Blogs in Tanzania

Health Blogs in Tanzania

Political Blogs in Tanzania

Sports Blogs in Tanzania

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