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Olduvai Gorge Tanzania

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Olduvai Gorge



Olduvai Gorge is a deep ravine with steep walls that runs through the eastern Serengeti plains.

Numerous prehistoric finds have made this site quintessential to the study of our ancestors and prehistoric life.

  • Olduvai Gorge Tanzania



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    48 km (30 mi) length, 90m (295 ft) depth.


    Eastern Serengeti Plains, northern Tanzania.

    Getting to

    A three hour drive from Arusha.

    Things to do

    Hiking, visiting archeological sites

    Best time to visit

    Between June and October, or January through February.

Olduvai Gorge Tanzania


Olduvai Gorge, sometimes referred to as the 'Cradle of Mankind', is a significant site in the studies of prehistoric fossils. This ravine runs through the Serengeti plains and across East Africa for 48 km (30 mi).

Olduvai Gorge

It is believed that 500,000 years ago, a nearby river was diverted and the water cut a ravine in the sediment, cutting through layers of volcanic sediment. This phenomenon has enabled the study of bones, fossils and ancient artifacts. Some of these artifacts are believed to be tools, which has aided the research into prehistoric studies. Archeological finds indicate life has existed for millions of years, including 'Lucy' - the hominid skeleton discovered and thought to be over three million years old.