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Ground and Landscape Supervisor


Employer Name: Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti
Organization Type: Private Sector
Role: Experienced
Position Type: Full Time
Location: Mara
Application Deadline: 30-03-2017
Updated on: 22-03-2017
• Basic knowledge in horticultural and ground maintenance works

• Responsible for spare of fertilizer and garden equipment for the landscaper to work

• Have the ability to communicate well with the authority of the Serengeti National Park

• Ability to understand the Green Committee plan within the Lodge or area of Serengeti National Park

• Responsible for determining the maintenance plan of the landscape and nursery

• To make sure the lobby pond water was clean and well treatment for all surrounding surface of the lobby pond.

• To be able of maintaining the irrigation and watering system for plant and nursery

• To make sure all the drainages system for the plant are in good performances

• Maintain the plant and tree surrounding the lodge, and should have proper treatment for any specific plant or tree within the lodge

• Ensure that the plant area and all hotel view landscape are always clean and in good condition

• Ability to perform the past control treatment within the lodge, complete with the detail schedule and implementation

• Ability to works well supervision in ground and civil works

• To make sure the walkway timber are well maintain

• To ensure the PRP (Perfect Room Program) are follow the schedule accordingly

• Ability to perform any additional or emergency task given by the managers

• To ensure the Public Area and Outlet space are well maintain

• To supervise employees in his section for attendance at work and quality of job performance

• To inspect regularly the function and safe operation of all equipment under his jurisdiction

• To control closely the consumption of material by tradesmen of his section

• To report to his superiors all deficiencies in equipment operation and defects within the area of his responsibility noted in the course of his duty

• To prepare requisitions for material necessary for the job performance of his subordinates and controls the issue and consumption of such material

• To perform other duties outside the normal routine, if so required, within the scope of the department.

• To demonstrate good leadership skills and motivation of his subordinates

• To show good abilities in human resources management of his subordinates

• To ensure punctual attendance at work of all employees

• To assist with the creation of an efficient and professional team of engineering employees

• To supervise closely all applicable rules of safety in the workplace

• To report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform and name tag

• To maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene and adhere to the hotel and department appearance standards

• To provide friendly, courteous and professional service at all times

• To maintain good working relationships with colleagues and all other departments
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