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Business Plan Development Consultant


Employer Name: Veco Eastafrica
Organization Type: NGO
Role: Experienced
Position Type: Consultant
Location: Arusha
                    Arusha Mjini
Application Deadline: 25-01-2017
Listed on: 11-01-2017

For support to UWAMALE for Development of Business Plans for aggregation warehouse and Rice mill
Arusha -Tanzania
1. Background
VECO East Africa is a regional programme of Vredeseilanden, an International NGO. Vredeseilanden envisions a world with production and consumptions systems that allow poverty and hunger to be eradicated and that do not burden our planet more than it can bear. It enables and supports smallholder farmers to take up their role in rural poverty alleviation and to contribute to feeding a growing world population in a sustainable way.
VECO East Africa’s strategies and interventions in the region aim to create an enabling environment for smallholder farmers. These includes policy and regulatory frameworks, market mechanisms, extension services, seed and input supply systems, credit for smallholder farmers and organizations, engagement and actions of societal actors among others. VECO East Africa promotes the business case for chain actors who include buyers, traders, processors, distributors, retailers and smallholder farmers and their organizations to engage with each other and establish linkages. It supports smallholder farmers to organize themselves and build the necessary capacities to create economies of scale, guarantee quality, food safety and sustainability.

VECO East Africa is presently implementing a 3 year Programme (2014-2016) in Eastern Uganda and Northern Tanzania focused on horticulture and grains sector development. As part of this VECO has recently started working with UWAMALE Cooperative to enable them build their business and engage themselves with other actors in the value chain in an efficient and effective way. UWAMALE has recently acquired a drying yard, a large warehouse, a rice processing mill (capacity xx) and 4 combine harvesters. This means they now have the capacity to serve 1000 members who farm rice on 400 hectares. At the same time, they produce maize, beans and horticulture crops.
VECO in collaboration with UWAMALE is seeking a highly qualified consultant to develop business plans for the production, aggregation and processing units. As the initial process and discussions have already take place and a draft business canvas produced, the consultant will be expected to actively engage the board of the cooperative in developing detailed business plans.
2.0 Scope of Work
The main objective of this consultancy is to support the development of realistic (and bankable) business plans for the UWAMALE’s business units. The focus will be on developing the business plans related to the rice value chain that are based on a deep understanding of the market including partnering with other businesses or networks.
The consultant will be required to:
• Recommend legal structures which can support business development, which may include considering separate structures for irrigation, aggregation and/or milling. This is to ensure that the organization is able to access to bank loan finance and/or to ensure good governance and a clear dividend policy for its shareholders.
• As part of the busines plan, the consultant will prepare a list of potential buyers for of the mill’s products and assess the buyers existing purchasing and selling capacity and aslo suggest the commitment of the buyers in future.
• Critically assess the farmers’ business organizations roles and responsibilities to farmer members, advice on how these responsibilities can be structured in a way that makes commercial sense to generate revenue and create value to the members.
• Develop business plans that specify strategies to be used in resource mobilization, advertising, sales and marketing, distribution, extension and training delivery, pricing and positioning amongst others.
• Required human resources including optimal staffing levels (numbers), skills, employment conditions etc (seasonal, contractual, outsourcing etc)
• Required physical and intangible assets, raw materials other than those already in existence that can enhance the operations of the cooperative in the short, medium and long term.
• Develop a 3 year financial projection for the farmers’ business organizations including; cash flow projections, balance sheets, income statement, start-up capital needed, return on investment, profitability margins, payback periods, average net profits, and risks and proposed risk mitigations.
• Give concrete evidence on how the business will be sustainable.

3.0 Required Qualifications:

• At least 10 years’ experience with a strong bias on enterprises development within farmers’ business organizations.
• At least one major assignment working on business planning for the rice sector
• Advanced training, masters level degree in Business Development or related field.
• Demonstrated writing, analytical, presentation and reporting skills
• Knowledge of food safety systems, lean management, operations management, quality management and sales and marketing methodologies in the agro-processing industry in the Tanzania

4.0 Expected Outputs and Reporting

• An inception report and a detailed work plan based on inputs from VECO and UWAMALE
• Draft the farmers’ business organizations 3-year business plans, developed and presented to VECO EA and UWAMALE for comments and feedback.
1. rice mill
2. warehouse management for aggregation of rice, maize and beans
• A final detailed business plans after incorporating comments and feedback.
• Excel sheet with detailed financial analysis

Application Procedures:
Qualified candidates are invited to submit their comprehensive curriculum Vitae, together with a motivation letter and evidence of similar previous assignments done via email to Tanzania Programme Coordinator at veco-ea@veco-eastafrica.org before 25th January 2017

Application Instructions

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their comprehensive curriculum Vitae, together with a motivation letter and evidence of similar previous assignments done via email to Tanzania Programme Coordinator via APPLY button below before 25th January 2017

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