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Unique Safaris in Arusha

About Unique Safaris:

Area: Arusha


There are so many different safari companies that it can be confusing which one to select and what the differences are. Certainly, the most obvious difference to clients will be the range in price, but not everyone understands why different companies have different prices for what might seem to be a similar safari at first glance. Here is the 'truth' behind the differences, so you can make an informed choice in who you would like to handle your safari. Here are the ways that Unique Safaris stands out among other companies and why this is important.


Unique Safaris specializes in their knowledge of the national parks and willingness to travel to more remote areas to see unique wildlife without the crush of other vehicles.


Unique Safaris specializes in private custom designed safaris, planning your safari for what you want to experience and how you want to travel and be accommodated.



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