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TaSUBa Theatre Bagamoyo

Location: Pwani


About TaSUBa Theatre Bagamoyo

TaSUBa (in Swahili: Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo) is the Institute for Arts and Culture Bagamoyo. Our main theatre seats up to 1800 people and hosts both drama, dance and concerts by Tanzania?s finest artists, from Bongo Flava and Band music to Taarab and Ngoma. The outdoor stage, facing the beach, is suitable for more informal events where the audience can be seated around tables and enjoy food and drink during the show. Both stages are well equipped with sound and lighting gear, and have a modern stage rig with flybars built to meet international industrial standards.TaSUBa is a vibrant institution where students from Tanzania and neighbouring countries study drama, music, dance, fine arts and multimedia. The training focuses mainly on traditional East African and Swahili culture.
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