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Tanzania Breweries

Location: Dar Es Salaam
                     Ilala, Kariakoo


About Tanzania Breweries


TBL is well poised to capitalise on the growth in consumption enabled by steady economic growth and changing consumer needs. The portfolio has been extended dramatically since privatisation in 1993; the mainstream brand Safari remains the most popular beer brand in the country.

A comprehensive network of depots ensures nationwide distribution. TBL also owns 65% of Tanzania Distilleries and owns and controls the malting in Moshi.

In response to these local conditions, Tanzania Breweries have launched an intensive, on-going in-house campaign to use less water to brew beer. In addition, they have set themselves a target to use 4.5 litres of water to brew a litre of beer.

The company recently installed a state-of-the-art electronic energy-management system and implemented a brewery-wide awareness campaign for its employees. The campaign includes a specially designed comic to bring water-saving message to everyone and aims to involve employees in both water awa

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