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Tanzania Business Development Agency in Dar Es Salaam

About Tanzania Business Development Agency:

Area: Dar Es Salaam

Tanzania Business Development Agency (TBDA) is an agent of change. We believe that it is an obligation of everyone to lift others as they climb. Our Vision: To contribute in the effort of changing our society from poverty stricken to a middle class through entrepreneurship. Our Mission: To have small and medium entrepreneurs who operate profitably, systematically and ethically. Tanzania Business Development Agency (TBDA) brings together youth in order to train them in basic business concepts, record keeping and basic accounting. We also provide accounting assistance on a ?need basis?. In addition to these, we advise on loan acquisition, loan utilization and monitoring. We also discuss new business ideas and new business opportunities with the sme?s we work with. We operate from Sinza, which is one of the busy sme areas in Dar es Salaam. In order to facilitate funds transfers, we also provide these facilities by M


Sinza Mapambano Opposite Utaji Hall on the way to Sino Hospital