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PACT Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam

About PACT Tanzania:

Area: Dar Es Salaam

Pact is an international non-government organization with activities in 60 countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. In Tanzania, it has been working since the beginning of 2002.

Pact Tanzania?s main activities centre on capacity strengthening and grants management. We provide specialized training, mentoring and technical assistance. Since we serve as the principal recipient of the Global Fund for mainland Tanzania, we are implementing a number of grant programs to support orphans and other children at risk, one of them being Jali watoto initiative program.

We are working with civil society and the government of Tanzania to identify and channel resources to groups that are fighting to mitigate the effects of HIV and AIDS in their communities. We are also working with civil society networks and coalitions to improve their ability to advocate to the government and help bring about positive and sustainable change.

Our donors include US Agenc

NGO Types: Children's Organizations, Education, Governance, Health, Local Charities, Women's Organizations


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