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Kamaka Company Ltd - Plumbing & Sanitaryware

Location: Dar Es Salaam
                     Ilala, Vingunguti


Product Gallery

GP 12000 Mixer Tap

TZS 31,000

L203 Shower Rose

TZS 10,000

GP 3103 Faucet

TZS 23,000

Mina Riskic D-Blue Toilet Sink

TZS 39,500

Mina Riskic Chocolate Toilet Sink

TZS 39,500

K8J Tissue Box

TZS 13,000

Tissue Holder 220240

TZS 9,900

Soap Dish 1004

TZS 11,500

Tooth Brush Bucket 700212

TZS 9,900


TZS 31,000

K25 Tissue Box

TZS 23,500

Mina Riskic Brown Toilet Sink

TZS 39,500

Tooth Brush Bucket 700210

TZS 7,700

D003 Tee Cross Big

TZS 10,800

Taj Washing Basin 22x17 Color Pink

TZS 151,000

Supreme Taj Washing Basin Orchid GP00101-Mixer 20x16

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Soap Dish 700220

TZS 7,200

A-009 Faucet

TZS 11,000

GP-3101 Mixer Complect

TZS 92,000

Taj Washing Basin 16"x16" Complect Corner

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L106 Simple Shower Rose

TZS 8,800

K10 Bobo (P) Toilet

TZS 335,000

Bobo K04 180mm Toilet

TZS 290,000

Mina Mid Pan Cream Toilet Sink

TZS 16,500

TAJ Washing Basin 22x17 Color P/Red

TZS 151,000

GP 2606 Mixer Tap

TZS 34,000

K8 Tissue Box

TZS 12,000

Ariston Water Heater GR Super 10Ltr

TZS 220,000

Mina Mid Pan Pink Toilet Sink

TZS 16,500

BW-21C Soap Dispenser

TZS 9,000

Mixer Color Red Washing Basin GP-6605

TZS 151,000

KL02 Basin Complete

TZS 170,000

A-004 Faucet

TZS 11,000

Soap Dish 1102

TZS 6,500

Round Towel Rack 220230

TZS 7,200

GP-BD-76 Mixer

TZS 7,500

Mina Riskic B/Red Toilet Sink

TZS 39,500

White Washing Basin with Tap

TZS 70,000

K8101 Tissue Box

TZS 8,500

Toilet Seat Cover

TZS 27,000

Washing Basin Rajwadi Set

TZS 61,000

KF120 Toilet Sink

TZS 98,000

D001 Tee Cross Small

TZS 8,300

K-33A1 (S) Kannor Toilet

TZS 360,000

Toilet WC Iran (S) with Fitting

TZS 125,000

AH-21C Soap Dispenser

TZS 10,000

K-68A1-P Bobo Toilet

TZS 370,000

Bobo K43A Toilet One Piece Casade (P)

TZS 324,000

AH-30 Soap Dispenser

TZS 15,000

About Kamaka Company Ltd - Plumbing & Sanitaryware

Kamaka Company Limited is one of the leading wholesalers, retailers and suppliers of steel construction 7 building materials in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

We have a wide range of products incorporating innovation, quality and technology at an affordable price making us stronger and more efficient in this competitive world. We are specialized in the export and import supply and sales of all construction products.

Within a short period of time, KAMAKA has had a rapid achievement with its professional staff and excellent customer care placing among Tanzanian's leading suppliers of steel & construction material, we hence aim to get our place higher every year by continuously working on new project for competitive prices relative to the dynamics of our marketing for our customers all around Tanzania.

Here are the factors that make us your trustworthy partner dedicated to success!

On Time Delivery: Fast deliveries and short lead time are among of the most important keys of our success.

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Kamaka Company Ltd - Plumbing & Sanitaryware type

Pugu Road, Dar es Salaam

P.O. Box: 78570
Physical Address:Plot No.233

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