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TANZANIA PORTS AUTHORITY in Dar Es Salaam, Tanga, Other


Area: Dar Es Salaam, Tanga, Other

Tanzania ports authority?s main functions are; To establish and coordinate system of Harbours; To provide facilities relating to Harbours and provide harbour services; With the approval of the Minister, to construct and operate new Harbours ; To construct, operate and maintain beacons and other navigational aids; To carry on the business of stevedore, wharf age or lighter man; To act as a warehouseman to store goods, whether or not the goods have been or are to be, handled as cargo or carried by the Authority; To consign goods on behalf of the other persons to any place either within or outside the United Republic; With the approval of the Minister, to act as carriers of goods or passengers by land or sea, and to provide amenities or facilities that the Authority considers necessary or desirable for persons making use of the facilities or services.


Dar-es-salaam Marine Port Nelson Mandela Road, Kurasini, Dar-es-salaam

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