National Printing Company in Dar Es Salaam

About National Printing Company:

Area: Dar Es Salaam

National Printing Company has one-color and two-color sheetfed presses and a rotary two-color web printing press for computer stationery. In pre-press computers, laser printers and scanners are utilized.

The company is capable of printing text books, periodicals and general stationery and also the company is capable of printing security products which include:

Revenue Receipts
Identity Cards
Lottery Tickets

Travel Documents and others depending on customers? requirements. Currently the company has no competitor within Tanzania in such sensitive products like security revenue receipts and overlapped receipts.


P.O. Box 2320
Dar es Salaam

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    Wed, 28 Jan 2015
  • 1 USD
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    Sell: 1853.4

  • 1 EUR
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