NFT Consult in Dar Es Salaam

About NFT Consult:

Area: Dar Es Salaam

NFT Consult was founded in Kampala, Uganda in 2005 and is registered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with sister branches in Kigali, Rwanda & Bujumbura in Burundi.

We believe that Human Capital is a tremendously important resource in any business, but finding ways to cut its cost without compromising on quality is often a challenge faced by most organizations. NFT Consult has identified business aspects, which can be outsourced by any organization and will result in increased savings; improve efficiency and effectiveness while simultaneously maintaining control and quality.

Specialists in Staff Recruitment, Staff Outsourcing & Training & Development. These are essential Human Resource Management services that will improve the performance of your business.


NFT Is located in Mikocheni B, near Talk of Town. Plot 304 Ringo Street

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