I&M Bank in Dar Es Salaam

About I&M Bank:

Area: Dar Es Salaam

Sometimes, The Good Gets Even Better .This is One Of Those Times

To become a company where the best people want to work, the first choice where customers want to do business, and where shareholders are happy with their investment.

To be partners of growth for all our stakeholders

We will achieve this through:

Meeting our Customers? expectations

Motivating & developing every employee.

Enhancing shareholder value

?Nurture a culture of fairness to our partners?.

This is with regard to three key relationships:

Employee ? Employer
Customer ? Bank

Consciously develop an image of an institution genuinely interested in long term relationships ? being proactive and responsive to customers? requirements and expectations.

For our customer


Main Branch/Head Office
I & M Bank (T) Ltd
Jiwan Hirji Building- Indira Gandhi/Mosque Street
P O Box 1509
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

  • exchange rates

    Mon, 24 Nov 2014
  • 1 USD
    Buy: 1725
    Sell: 1732

  • 1 EUR
    Buy: 2132.45
    Sell: 2141.27

  • 1 GBP
    Buy: 2696.88
    Sell: 2708.42

  • 1 ZAR
    Buy: 157.307
    Sell: 158.26

  • 1 KES
    Buy: 19.1136
    Sell: 19.2338

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