Fish Eagle Industries t/a Soda King & Aqua King in Arusha

About Fish Eagle Industries t/a Soda King & Aqua King:

Area: Arusha

Manufacturers and bottlers of still water, natural and sparkling water; and carbonated soda drinks.  The water is from underground streams running off Mount Meru and is purified with the most modern Nano-Filtration equipment available to impart a pure, healthy and fresh taste.  We currently supply stores, businesses, hotels, lodges and safari operators.  We deliver to customers within Arusha, Moshi and Namanga.  Deliveries to other regions of Tanzania can be arranged.


We are located on the road going out to Nairobi in Kwa Iddi.  The factory is on the right hand side of the road opposite TGT Coffee Estate.

  • exchange rates

    Fri, 30 Jan 2015
  • 1 USD
    Buy: 1738.2
    Sell: 1826.6

  • 1 EUR
    Buy: 1971.12
    Sell: 2072.46

  • 1 GBP
    Buy: 2619.12
    Sell: 2753.05

  • 1 ZAR
    Buy: 150.065
    Sell: 157.834

  • 1 KES
    Buy: 18.5983
    Sell: 20.3111

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